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Call from participants of international conference "Tourism for All"

02/12/2010 | 0 comments

Accessible tourism ostrava conference image
Participants of international conference "Tourism for All", held on 15th November, 2010 in Ostrava call upon the policy makers of the Czech Republic, the public authorities and tourism enterprises to promote and support accessible tourism.

We call upon the policy makers of the Czech Republic and the public authorities at national, regional and local level, within their ministries and policies, responsibilities and activities to

  • promote the integration of accessible tourism to the legislation, policy and strategic documents,
  • emphasize the importance of accessibility as an integral part of the process of service quality improvement and sustainable development in tourism,
  • support activities that contribute to development of accessible tourism, particularly:
    • creating understandable instructions and methodologies for evaluating accessibility of tourism infrastructure and tourism services,
    • creating support programs for the operators of tourism aimed at removal of physical/architectural barriers,
    • training of employees in tourism, civil servants, urban planners, architects in the issue of accessibility,
    • inclusion of accessible tourism in the curricula of secondary schools and universities that prepare future workers and entrepreneurs in this area,
    • promote the involvement of all tourism stakeholders, representatives of private and public bodies in searching for new solutions for improving accessibility in tourism through partnerships at national and international level.

We also call on all service providers in tourism - accommodation and food service facilities, tourist attractions and facilities for leisure, travel agencies and transport providers, within their activities to

  • contribute to removing of barriers (of building, communication, knowledge and information kind)
  • promote empathetic approach towards the clients as a part of the quality assurance and professional services
  • develop the knowledge of their employees about the special needs of clients with limited mobility, or with other types of health disability
  • provide truthful information about accessibility level of facilities and destinations, create information materials facilitating decision making and orientation, in accessible and understandable forms
  • develop partnership with other actors in tourism and related sectors and thus contribute to the creation of accessible destinations.

Ostrava, 15th November, 2010

Download the Call text in PDF format from the right-hand panel in Czech and English

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