Advantages of Membership

ENAT NTOs' Learning Group photo outside entrance of Louvre Museum, Paris, 2017ENAT NTOs' Learning Group at Musée du Louvre, Paris, 2017

Your pathway to success: 10 great reasons for joining ENAT

  1. Enhance your reputation by joining the world’s leading organisation in the fastest-growing sector of the tourism market.
  2. Boost the visibility of your organisation and its activities at national, European and global levels.
  3. Build relationships and forge partnerships with like-minded organisations working in your field at national, European and global levels.
  4. Get access to specialised consultancy from ENAT experts on training, the built environment and EU-funded projects.
  5. Participate in and learn from ENAT specialised working groups, workshops and conferences.
  6. Keep up-to-date with the latest news and events in our field, and share your achievements with colleagues.
  7. Make your opinion heard, be recognised for your sector expertise and help to influence EU and international policies and strategies.
  8. Enhance your knowledge and skills, and position your business as a leader in accessible tourism for all.
  9. Follow and join our social media platforms to become an influencer in accessible, inclusive tourism.
  10. Use your knowledge, skills and contacts to further our common goals and actions in the field of accessible, inclusive tourism.

Who Can Join  ENAT? Who Should Join  ENAT?

ENAT is an association that caters for a wide range of members, drawn from the travel and tourism industry, the public sector, professionals and Non-Governmental Organisations. Individual members are also welcome. All of these can benefit from  ENAT’s information and networking services.

ENAT consists of Associate members and Full members. Services to both types of members are identical but only Full members have voting rights and can stand for office in the association's Management Board.  

Associate members are not obliged to have a recognised “track record” in accessible tourism, nor do they have to demonstrate a certain “accessibility standard”, in order to join.

Associate members can become Full members after submitting a written application, detailing their competences and  activities in accessible tourism to the satisfaction of the  ENAT Board.

It is expected that all  ENAT members will genuinely work to support accessible tourism in their area of activity.

We invite members from all countries and world regions

Image of globe covered in national flagsFrom 1st January 2019, our membership fees are the same for members located in Europe or outside Europe.

We also invite Associate members from outside Europe to apply for Full membership. Applications must be made in writing to the ENAT Board, with a motivated letter outlining the applicant's experience and commitment to furthering accessible tourism and the work of the ENAT non-profit association.     

ENAT Code of Good Conduct

Every ENAT member offering tourism services is invited to sign-up to the ENAT Code of Good Conduct, as an expression of commitment to improve one's own performance, in accessible tourism.

ENAT registration and fees

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