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  • Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC)

    Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC) opens the beauty and challenge of the great outdoors to people with disabilities and disadvantaged youth. Every year, more than 2,000 people join ETC to raft whitewater rivers, ski alpine meadows, kayak the waters of the Golden Gate and Tomales Bay, and build leadership skills. ETC trips enable participants to access the wilderness and develop an environmental stewardship ethic. Since 1972, ETC has shared outdoor adventures with disadvantaged youth and people of all ages, including those with visual or hearing-impairments, physical or developmental disabilities, and life-threatening illnesses. We also offer fundraising adventures for the general public and corporations to raise awareness of our mission. We welcome agencies, schools, and individuals of all abilities.

  • Kostas Z Foundation

    The Kostas Z Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization in Illinois. The mission is to provide and create information, integration and participation among people with disabilities and their families and friends. The Foundation’s spirit is to: help individuals find their strength and confidence; believe that everyone has the ability to face the challenges of life; lend a helping hand to others; encourage greater accessibility and universal design worldwide.