ENAT Associate Member

  • Associate membership is available to private enterprises, public administrations, organisations under public law, academic institutions, professional bodies, non-governmental organisations, social cooperatives, private foundations and individuals.
  • Associate membership is the most suitable category for most businesses and organisations that want to be fully involved in the ENAT networking arrangements and take advantage of most of the ENAT services but without having the obligation to take part in the management and decision-making of the association;
  • Associate members may be located in any country of the world;
  • Associate members may join the ENAT Code of Good Conduct scheme, launched in October 2009. Signatories to the scheme will be allowed to market their organisation to customers using an exclusive ENAT Label which shows that they are committed to the provisions of the ENAT Code of Good Conduct.
  • Associate members have the right to participate in ENAT events at reduced rates;
  • Associate members may draw on the services of the ENAT National Network in those countries where ENAT National Coordinators or Contact Points have been established. (Services offered in different countries or Regions may vary);
  • Persons or entities making their request to be Associate Members will be accepted as such by the Board of Directors.
  • Organisational Associate Membership includes up to five members of the personnel being designated as associate members (under the same fee) They should sign up as ENAT Organisational members using their own unique email address and include the same organisation name to be granted access to the members' Website and other Member benefits.
  • Associate Members may attend the ENAT General Assembly as Observers.
  • Associate Members do not have voting rights at the General Assembly. 

How to Apply

Any person or organisation wishing to be an Associate Member of the association should register at the ENAT Membership page. (Use the "Sign up now!" link in the ENAT Members' Area of our webpage).  

If you have any difficulty in accessing the site or creating your user profile, please get in touch via our Contact Page. 


During registration, at the ENAT Sign-up page, select the Organisational or Individual Fee.
The applicant should pay the appropriate Associate Member's annual fee. 

You will be offered the possibility to pay by PayPal, Credit card or by bank transfer. 

See Categories and Fees page for details of prices and payment.

NOTE: ENAT Associate Membership is open to individuals and organisations in all countries of the world. Membership commences from the date when the first payment is received. By registering as an ENAT Associate Member you give your written assent to the Statutes and you commit to pay the annual membership fee.  The Board of Directors examines the standing of members and may cancel the membership for any reason, including non-payment after a reminder has been sent.