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  • Universal Design for Customer Engagement in Tourism Services - Toolkit

    "Universal Design for Customer Engagement Toolkit" provides comprehensive best practice guidance on achieving better customer communication. In 2013, Irish Standard (I.S.) 373:2013 ‘Universal Design for customer engagement in tourism services’ was published by NSAI, the National standards Authority of Ireland. This Toolkit has been developed to help you apply the guidance provided in the standard. It provides you with practical and useful guidance on how to use Universal Design as a tool for better engaging with your customers. The Toolkit is available for free download in accessible PDF format at this page. The Standard is available from NSAI. Also available are two reports on the development of the Toolkits; the project report and good practices in developing Toolkits.

  • Dublin Tourism - Disabled Access

    Dublin has significantly improved its accessibility over the past number of years. This part of the official Dublin Tourism website will assist you in finding out how to take advantage of all that Dublin has to offer. We have included a listing of attractions that you should visit, accommodation to stay in and information on how to get around Dublin. To facilitate those with special needs, Fáilte Ireland has developed a new scheme for the validation and provision of information on registered and approved accommodation that provides for those needs. The website lists hotel accommodation that is assessed using this validation scheme.

  • Cork Centre for Independent Living

    Cork Centre for Independent Living (Cork CIL) was opened in 1996 by PWDs. Cork CIL is committed to working towards the removal of barriers to inclusion and working for rights-based equality legislation for PWDs. Our main aim is to empower and enable PWDs to achieve Independent Living, and choice and control over their lives, and to achieve full and active participation as equal citizens in society.

  • Sectoral Plan for Accessible Transport under the Disability Act 2005

    This website describes the Sectoral Plan for Accessible Transport under the Disability Act 2005. This Sectoral Plan has been developed in accordance with the provisions of the Disability Act 2005 and addresses the accessibility needs of people with mobility, sensory and cognitive impairments across the transport modes. It has been prepared following an extensive consultation exercise involving meetings and discussions with a wide range of groups in the sector. The Plan sets out policy and objectives for accessible transport and defines the concept 'Transport for All'. It sets out for each area of transport covered, the specific accessibility issues relevant to those areas and the proposals of the Minister for Transport, and the agencies under his aegis, in relation to the rolling out of a comprehensive programme of accessible transport.