ENAT Code of Good Conduct Sign-up Page

This page contains the 'ENAT Code of Good Conduct' sign-up instructions for ENAT Members. 

Only ENAT Members whose annual subscription is paid may receive the Code of Good Conduct Certificate. 

Not an ENAT Member?

Register now with ENAT at: https://enat.eu/user/register

Follow these simple steps:

1. You must read the ENAT Code of Good Conduct and be sure that you agree with it.
You must also select a person from your company or organisation who will be the contact person for all accessibility related issues. This may be you yourself or another employee / member of your organisation.  

2. Login to the Members' Area of the ENAT website using your user name (your email address) and password

2. Go to the members' link: View Profile

3. Check the profile details for the Certificate: Name, Position, Email and Telephone number.
These details should refer to the person who is responsible for accessibility in your company or organisation.

4. Save any changes and then click on the link for the "ENAT Code of Good Conduct Certificate" at the top of the user profile page. 
The link will generate a PDF file which you can save to your computer and then print out on your printer (using A4 format paper).

5. Please sign the Certificate and send a copy to ENAT, as an Email attachment (PDF).

ENAT email:  enat[at]accessibletourism[dot]org


We will send you the "ENAT Code of Good Conduct" window sticker and ENAT publicity "flyers" by regular post and the logo by email. 

If you have any problems or questions about making your certificate, please get in touch with the ENAT Secretariat via the Contact Page