ENAT Full Member

Full Members may be persons or entities who show their interest for the objectives of the association and who wish to support it or take part in its activities. Full Members must be accepted as such by the Board of Directors based on a written application.

Full membership is available to Associate Members who may be individuals or organisations based in any country

Full Member organisations will be represented by a member or employee who will be known as the Contact Person. Full member organisations can also indicate up to five associate members in their own personnel. The names and email addresses of these Associate Members must be registered at the ENAT Membership page.

  • Full membership is available only to specially qualified enterprises and organisations, with a strong relation to the field of Accessible Tourism;
  • Candidates for Full Member status must make a written application to the ENAT Board, with detailed references and proof of expertise and commitment in the field of accessible tourism;
  • Full members may be private enterprises, public administrations, organisations under public law, academic institutions, professional bodies, non-governmental organisations, social cooperatives, private foundations or individuals;
  • Full members have the right to participate in ENAT events at reduced rates;
  • Full members may join the ENAT Code of Good Conduct scheme. Signatories to the scheme are allowed to market their organisation to customers using our exclusive ENAT Label which shows that they are committed to the provisions of the ENAT Code of Good Conduct;
  • Full members are allowed to stand for office in the ENAT Board and to be considered for a position as ‘ENAT National (or Regional) Coordinator’.
  • Full members are expected to participate in the Annual General Assembly, normally held in Brussels in May or June;
  • Full members have voting rights at the ENAT General Assembly.

Further details of Full Members’ services and benefits are described in the Member Services page.

How to Apply

To be a candidate for Full Membership, you must already be a paid-up Associate Member.

Send an application letter addressed to the ENAT Board of Directors, giving detailed references and proof of expertise and commitment in the field of accessible tourism.

The Board of Directors examines the candidature and notifies the applicant about its decision. Its decision is without right of appeal and does not have to be justified. It is made available to the candidate on-line or by Email, or by ordinary letter or courier.

Please send your application letter by email to: enat [at] accessibletourism [dot] org

or by mail to:
ENAT asbl.
Rue du Commerce 72,
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium.

If accepted by the ENAT Board, the applicant should pay the difference between the Associate and the Full Member fee for the first year and then the Full Member's fee when the membership is renewed.

See Categories and Fees page for details of prices and payment.