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Newsletter and e-Bulletin

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Publishing Date: 27/08/2007

The ENAT Newsletter was first produced as a series of PDF documents, for downloading, during 2007.

We now send out an E-Bulletin to members and subscribers. It is free of charge and goes out to all those who are interested in the latest developments in Accessible Tourism. 

ENAT Members receive additional exclusive bulletins and news items. 

Sign up at this webpage to receive the ENAT E-Bulletin.

Archived e-Bulletins and Newsletters

ENAT Bulletin 91. 1 September 2021. ENAT News, Project News and Events.

ENAT e-Bulletin. 11 June 2021. Announcement of ENAT Annual General Assembly and Expert Panel Discussion, 23 June 2021. (Sent to ENAT Members).

ENAT e-Bulletin 90, 30 April 2021. News and Online Events

ENAT e-Bulletin 89, 30 March 2021. Teachers' Trainng Kit and online survey

ENAT e-Bulletin 88, 19 March 2021. ENAT President's Message, News and Events.

ENAT Members' News, 11 March 2021. Announcement of TravelAbility Summit registration discount for ENAT members

ENAT e-Bulletin 87. 20 December 2020. Season's Greetings and News. Sent to 1112 subscribers.

ENAT e-Bulletin 86. 26 August 2020. COVID-19, News and Events. Sent to 1430 subscribers

ENAT e-Bulletin 85. 1 July 2020. Membership Fees Waived. Sent to 1422 e-Bulletin subscribers

ENAT e-Bulletin 84. 17 June 2020. Annual General Assembly Call and News Sent to 1430 e-Bulletin subscribers.

ENAT e-Bulletin 83, 16 May 2020. News, COVID-19 Measures in Europe, Project News, Webinars. Sent to 1419 e-Bulletin Subscribers.

ENAT e-Bulletin 82. 6 April 2020. News, New Projects and Events (under Covid-19 lockdown). Sent to 1449 e-Bulletin Subscribers.

ENAT e-Bulletin 81, 21 January 2020. ENAT President's Message, News and Events. Sent to 1445 ENAT e-Bulletin Subscribers.

ENAT Announcement, 25 November 2019. Invitation to International Congress on Accessible Cruise Destinations, Valencia, Spain. Sent to all ENAT e-Bulletin subscribers. 

ENAT Announcement: 13 November 2019. TAD Project Accessible Tourism Training Conference, Brussels. Sent to all ENAT e-Bulletin subscribers.

ENAT - e-Bulletin 80, 21 October 2019. News and Events. Welcome to Málaga!

ENAT - e-Bulletin 79, 29 July 2019, News and Events, NEWSCAT training project results, EU Access City Awards and more

ENAT - e-Bulletin 78, 21 June 2019, News, Events, Accessible Destinations UNWTO, Zero Project, NEWSCAT Final Conference, ENAT AGA  

ENAT - e-Bulletin 77, 6 May 2019, News, Events, new Video and Member Services

ENAT - EXTRA e-Bulletin, 18 December 2018. New Membership Fees in 2019

ENAT e-Bulletin 76, 17 December 2018. News and Events

ENAT e-Bulletin 75, 30 September 2018. News, Resources and Events

15 June 2018. Invitation to Launch Event: World Tourism for All Quality Programme

ENAT e-Bulletin 74, 26 May 2018 - News and Announcement of Annual General Assembly and Launch of the new 'ENAT World Tourism for All Quality Programme, Brussels 26 June 2018

ENAT Subscriber Consent Alert, 1 May 2018 - GDPR Notice to recipients of ENAT e-Bulletin emails

ENAT e-Bulletin 73, 29 January 2018 News, Events and Articles.

ENAT e-Bulletin 72, 30 September 2017 - ATTIMO Accessible Culinary and Cultural Itineraries Conference, Vicenza, 6 October 2017

ENAT e-Bulletin 71, 30 August 2017 News and Events.

ENAT e-Bulletin 70, 21 June 2017 ENAT Annual General Assembly documents available (for Full Members only)

ENAT e-Bulletin 69, 14 June 2017 (Reminder) Announcement of ENAT AGA

ENAT e-Bulletin 68, 2 June 2017. Announcement of ENAT Annual General Assembly to Full and Honorary Members.

ENAT e-Bulletin 67, 2 June 2017. Accessible Tourism News and Events

ENAT e-Bulletin 66, January 2017. Announcement: APP TOUR YOU Accessible Tourism Training MOOC  (Correction)

ENAT e-Bulletin 65, 19 July 2016. Accessible Tourism Events, Announcements, Projects and Pantou

ENAT e-Bulletin 64, 8 June 2016. ENAT Documents for Annual General Assembly, 15th June 2016

ENAT e-Bulletin 63, 24 May 2016. Announcement Full & Honorary Members AGA 15th June 2016

ENAT e-Bulletin 62, 26 February 2016. Announcements, Events, New NTO Learning Group

ENAT e-Bulletin 61, 27 January 2016. Lonely Planet (Free) Accessibility Guide, News and Events

ENAT e-Bulletin 60, 11 January 2016. Accessible Tourism Membership Payments and Sponsors News

ENAT e-Bulletin 59, 23 December 2015 Accessible Tourism Season's Greetings and Event Announcement

ENAT e-Bulletin 58, 3 December 2015 Accessible Tourism News, Projects and Events

ENAT e-Bulletin 57, 9 November 2015 Accessible Tourism News, Projects and Events

ENAT e-Bulletin 56, 14 September 2015 Madrid International Congress and other Accessible Tourism News.

ENAT e-Bulletin 55. 27/7/2015. ENAT's new agreement with Lonely Planet... & other news

ENAT e-Bulletin 54. 20/5/2015. Members' download: ENAT Annual Report 2014 (draft). Downloading is restricted to ENAT Members only via login page. 

ENAT e-Bulletin 53. 13/5/2015 Reports, News and Events.  Includes Scott Rains fund-raiser information and EU Accessible Tourism Supply Study Reports announcement.

ENAT e-Bulletin 52. 2/2/2015 News, New Projects and Announcement of V. International Congress on Tourism for All, Madrid, 2015

ENAT e-Bulletin 51. 23/1/2015 News and Events

ENAT e-Bulletin 50. 24/12/2014. Season's Greetings & Review 2014-15 from Anna Grazia Laura, President

ENAT e-Bulletin 49. 10/11/2014. Accessible Tourism News & Events

ENAT e-Bulletin 48. 22/9/2014. European Accessible Tourism - News, Events, Research...

ENAT e-Bulletin 47. 28/8/2014. European Accessible Tourism - news, events, publications...

ENAT e-Bulletin 46. 12/6/2014. European Accessible Tourism - news, research publications and awards

ENAT e-Bulletin 45. 6/6/2014. Accessible Tourism Conference, Brussels, 6 June 2014 Live-Streaming

ENAT e-Bulletin 44. 6/5/2014. EU Conference "Mind the Accessibility Gap" - Register Now!

ENAT e-Bulletin 43. 25/3/2014. EU Tourism Funding Information Day

ENAT e-Bulletin 42. 10/1/2014. Accessible Tourism News and Events (plus Pantou Press Release and Suppliers' Survey)

ENAT e-Bulletin 41. 24/12/2013. Christmas Greetings from President Anna Grazia Laura.

ENAT e-Bulletin 40. 20/9/2013. Accessible Tourism News and Events

ENAT e-Bulletin 26/8/2013. Please answer the Customer or Supplier Survey on Accessible Tourism in Europe (for EU Supply Study)

ENAT e-Bulletin 38, 6/5/2013. Accessible Tourism news and events.

ENAT Bulletin 37. 11/3/2013 International Tourism for All Congress Announcement

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 36 19/2/2013 STEEP Online Survey - travel information needs of disabled visitors

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 35 Accessible Tourism 21/12/2012 Recent News articles and more (New format)!

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 34 Accessible Tourism 23/10/2012  Presents ENAT's array of digital communication tools plus recent News, Events and Articles.

ENAT e- Bulletin no. 33 - was a brief reminder about the High-Level Seminar announced in e-Bulletin no. 32.

ENAT e-Bulletin no 32 Accessible Tourism 29/05/2012   High-level Seminar, Milano, Italy announcement

ENAT e-Bulletin no 31 Accessible Tourism 21/05/2012

ENAT e-Bulletin no 30 Accessible Tourism 7/05/2012

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 29 Accessible Tourism 15/03/2012

ENAT e-Bulletin no.28. Accessible Tourism 17/02/2012

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 27. Accessible Tourism 27/09/2011

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 26 11/07/2011 - with latest News and Events

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 25 14/4/2011 - with a round-up of latest News, Events and Forum items

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 24 20/1/2011 - with a round-up of latest News, Events and Forum items

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 23 18/11/2010 - with latest Events, News and Forum items

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 22 27/8/2010 - with Members' notices, News, Forums and Events items

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 21. 29/7/2010 - on the European Access City Award, ENATCode of Good Conduct, Events in Finland and Italy...

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 20. 25/6/2010 - Theme: "Accessible Cities".

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 19. 20/5/2010 - with events information and news from Sweden, Spain, Italy, UK and Portugal.

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 18 18/3/2010 - with news and events from Canada, UK, Germany, Portugal, Belgium...

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 17. 20/1/2010  - with news from Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Belgium, "Ruhr 2010: Cultural Capital of Europe"...

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 16. 14/12/2009 -  With news from VisitEngland, UN, Catalunya Tourist Board...

ENAT e-Bulletin no.15 - (Not available here - for Members Only)

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 14. 3/11/2009

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 13. 28/9/2009

ENAT e-Bulletin no. 12. 12/9/2009

e-Bulletins nos. 3 to 11 were distributed as 'hand-crafted' emails. They cannot be accessed from this webpage.  

You may download copies of the Newsletters 1 and 2 via the links, below.

ENAT Newsletter Number 2, July 2007

Publisher: ENAT
Date published on the web: 31/07/2007