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  • Kultürlich - Kulturen Im Kontekst

    Willkommen bei Kultürlich im UNESCO-Welterbe Regensburg und vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch! Auf den nächsten Seiten finden Sie unsere Leistungen rund um die Themen: Tourismus, Kommunikationsassistenz für Gebärdensprache, Inklusion, Beratung, Empowerment - lebenslanges Lernen, Events, Kommunikationsforen (KoFos), Seminare und Workshops. Kultürlich - Kulturen im Kontext beteiligt sich ehrenamtlich am Projekt der Aktion Mensch "Regensburg inklusiv" für die inklusionszirkel "Bildung" und "Arbeit". Für den Inklusionszirkel "Freizeit" ist Mathilde Brandis die offizielle Vertreterin der Regensburg Tourismus GmbH (RTG).

  • German Rail Pass - Unlimited Train Travel in Germany

    In co-operation with the Deutsche Bahn, Eurail.Com has created The German Rail Pass is dedicated to train travel in Germany. Our goal is to promote an affordable and environmentally friendly way of discovering Germany through rail travel. The Pass can be purchased by non-European citizens.

  • Urlaub für alle am Stettiner Haff

    Our guest house is suitable for people with reduced mobility or visual impairments, for deaf and blind. It is appropriate for people who use a wheelchair, even if the equipment does not correspond to DIN. Small groups of up to 12 people will receive a common, yet individual accomodation for a stress-free holiday. You can book the whole guest house with your group, so that the daily schedule is only determined by the group's interests. Talk to us about any help and facilities you need.

  • Mare Nostrum - Agency for Group Travel with Assistance

    For more than 20 years, we have been creating every programme possible and impossible for groups. No matter what kind of trip you are thinking of - a classical study trip, a city trip to Berlin or an expedition to the Galapagos Islands - we have the know-how and the right partners in the destinations to realize everything you desire. And your wishes are most important to us! We do not sell a standardized product but carefully consider all your ideas of the trip in order to realize them in close cooperation with you and our partners in the destination. If desired, we can offer almost all different kinds of group travel without any barriers. Not only people in wheelchairs appreciate this, elderly persons as well are glad about rooms at ground level, about a comfortable elevator in the hotel or about the coach with spacious toilet!


    Holidays in a wheelchair. Beaches, hotels and activities on the spot, without barriers. If this is the year of our Lord 2009: no problem. Think about it. As a journalist in a wheelchair, the author of this website, has had some varied experiences. It is time to show the places and regions in Europe that represent good examples and ideas: go ahead, wheelchair riders and seniors and visit their hotels, restaurants and beaches. All venues are tested by wheelchair users. If you have visited a place you like, request our Venue Questionnaire, fill it in and and send it back. The more active your participation, the faster this site grows, and the more diverse will be the holiday opportunities for you! Idea concept: Dirk Janczewski †. Editors: Dirk Janczewski † , Monika Agata-Linke, Dominica Buchelt, Christian Rother, Werner Merschmann.

  • Barrier-free Travel Destinations Association in Germany

    The Barrier-free Travel Destinations Association in Germany is a group of cities and tourism regions which are especially committed to barrier-free tourism in Germany and who work to continuously develop and communicate barrier-free tourism in cooperation with the partners of the association. Barrier-free tourism is a top priority for the members of the Association.

  • Neumann-Consult

    NeumannConsult offers specialised knowledge in town, regional and tourism development as well as Design for All. NeumannConsult, as a spin-off of the Department of Geography at the University of Munster, can rely on an over ten-year experience to handle with practical consultation, trainings, and research assignment. Until the end of 2002, NeumannConsult was supported by the Ministry for Science and Research of North-Rhine-Westphalia.

  • Promotours

    Promotours, a Germany and Switzerland based Incoming Tour operator provides information and supports for all Guests with special Needs regarding their Travels throughout Europe.

  • Bora Tours

    German Travel Agency

  • rfb-Touristik

    Tavel Agency assisting disabled travellers