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ENAT President's Message: 20.12.2020

ENAT Greeting card December 2020Season’s greetings and a light of hope for next year.

Rome, 20th December 2020.

Dear Friends,

The end of every year is usually the time to celebrate together the year that has just passed and to wish us all a new one full of successes, achievements and peace. Today it is really hard to celebrate 2020 and not for the only reason that it has finally reached its end.

Even the word “together” is somehow far away from our present situation, with declarations of strict lockdowns announced by the Premiers of many European countries.

The pandemic has hit with an unexpected and unprecedented force affecting our social world and the tourism sector in particular. Many small and medium enterprises are at a real risk of not being able to re-open after the lockdowns and many employees may lose their jobs.

Tourism for all is equally under threat, with a great number of tourists with access needs facing the prospect of not being able to travel now and in the near future./p>

This is a reality but I do not like to see just the negative aspects of the situation: of course they exist but I am sure that we all have the strength and the capability to react and our resilience will be higher if supported by all of you in thinking and acting positively.

I hope my greetings and those of the whole Board of ENAT will help you to leave this dreadful year behind and to look at the future with optimism, ready to grasp all the opportunities for a new start that will arise and to work together to steer our future towards goals of development.

This is my wish for next year! May it be the one of change and success! Happy 2021.

Anna Grazia Laura, ENAT President

Download the President's December 2020 message in PDF format