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ENAT President's Message: 28 December 2019

Image of polar bear in sea of plastic waste. Getty images.Photo of Polar bear on ice, floating in a sea of waste. Getty Images.

Rome, 28th December 2019.

This year I would like to wish you a very happy New year before 2020 starts.

I would also like to leave you with a message which is very close to my thinking and wishes for the future and it is shared by thousands of young people around the world.

If we all want to continue promoting tourism and accessible tourism for the years to come, we have to be sure that the tourism excellences of the planet will continue to exist, in order to be enjoyed by all of us.

I am convinced that it must be our duty and our commitment to make sure that sustainability couples with Tourism for All to make all tourism offers compatible with the world climate change and consequent modification of the environment and ways of living.

As we have always fought, and continue to do so, to make inclusion of everyone in tourism and social life a question of civilisation, we must also add the conservation of our environment as a point of honour.

Responsible and sustainable concepts could become our weapons to make sure that we may, all together, convince public and private bodies to be more considerate about the future and act pro-actively to reduce the risks that our world is facing. We must back the youngest generations in their efforts to modify attitudes and behaviours so that we may reach our goals of full participation in a more efficient and long-lasting way.

This is the wish that I would like all of you to consider for next year and the years to come.

My best wishes for a fruitful and excellent 2020!

Anna Grazia Laura.

Download the President's December 2019 message in PDF format