ENAT President's Message, 3rd March 2022

image of Anne Grazia Laura, smiling older white woman with greying hair seated on chair with pattern of large red flowersAnna Grazia Laura

Rome, 3rd March 2022

Dear Friends,

I was born during World War II. I have no recall of those years and the years immediately after the war ended: just a few things like lorries adapted to be public transport means which you had to climb with a movable ladder.

Since then, the whole of Europe grew and became conscious and convinced that peace was the key word for development, justice and freedom.

In the recent days we all woke up in a nightmare: a war within Europe and an attack on a free and independent country.

You all know that ENAT always refused to be involved with politics and political divisions around the world; our mission is aimed at unifying all people towards an objective of inclusion and recognition of everybody’s rights to live and enjoy our world freely and without hate and refusals.

We all have the right to reach these objectives concretely in our everyday lives, actions and hopes.

It is not acceptable to hear friends with grown up sons and daughters fearing for their potential involvement in a “World” war and for their lives!

It is not acceptable that reason and goodwill are cut out from the decisions of some leaders!

We, at ENAT, feel that a word of support from us all is needed and I hope it will be accepted and shared by everybody.

We stand by the Ukrainian people, in defence of their country and their freedom.

Let’s us take our “virtual” hands and pray for peace!

Anna Grazia Laura, President

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