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ENAT President's Message: 31 March 2020

Image of garden with bush in bloom Photo of garden with forsythia in bloom. A-G Laura.

Rome, 31st March 2020.

Dear Friends,

Every now and then I use the ENAT website to talk to you. Normally it is for the celebration of annual events which see all of us planning holidays or spending leisure days with our families and friends.

Today we find ourselves locked up in the houses, all social contacts interrupted, counting only on virtual means to continue being in touch due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I am convinced that these hard times will be overcome within months but the experience will leave a message to all of us: we must resume responsibility towards ourselves and the world we live in, towards our neighbours and the people we come in contact with, towards re-planning a way of living and working which will allow us all to survive and to thrive.

We will start planning holidays again, asking for better inclusion, asking for the consideration of every human being, thanking those who came to help us in this dramatic situation. Possibly, from our current experience of isolation and travel restrictions, we will finally understand that there is only one mankind and that we must protect our planet if we are to live our lives without fighting each other, without selfishness, without barriers, without misunderstanding.

I would like to stop here, shaking hands virtually with all of you till the time we will be able to do it face to face again.

Anna Grazia Laura.

Download the President's December 2019 message in PDF format