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  • PREDIF Confederation

    PREDIF Confederation is a non-profit organization representing the state level, with programmes for more than thirty thousand people seriously affected with disabilities, directly and indirectly, by promoting the benefit of all people with physical disabilities in Spain. It has over 30 years of experience, through its member associations. Since 2002, PREDIF has developed the programme, "PREDIF Accessible Tourism" born of claiming for people with disabilities their right to autonomy and standardization in the leisure and tourism sector. PREDIF operates accessible tourism services in two areas: 1. Tourism sector, public and private; 2. Aimed at users, disabled tourists. PREDIF has published detailed accesibility guidelines for the tourism industry and guides to accessible vebues, accommodation and services.

  • Asociación Paz y Bien

    Paz y Bien (Peace and Good) is a private non-profit organisation dedicated to the integration, defense and promotion of the interests of people with intellectual disabilities or at risk of social exclusion. The association was created to accompany people with intellectual disabilities in their life project. Paz y Bien works with people with disabilities in order to grow and improve their quality of life ultimately taking on the challenge that normalisation implies. At present this group constitutes the majority of users, and since 1999 also provides services to children in distress and unemployed with labour insertion difficulties. The association has a wide network of centres, services and programmes that currently serves about 600 people. Accessible Tourism activities include the rural hotel 'Sierra Light', promoted by the association in Cortegana (Huelva) and conceived as a fully accessible facility.

  • Fundación Handisport

    ENAT Associate Member. The Fundación Handisport project was created thanks to the initiative of a group of people who wish to provide solutions to some of the problems involved in integrating people with disabilities into our society. This not-for-profit organisation, which will allocate 100% of its income to fulfilling Fundación Handisport's goals, has been created as the way to accomplish this initial generic objective. Handisport has conducted an analysis of their present and future needs in order to achieve the integration of people with disabilities into society. This analysis shows that there are many social initiatives that provide a temporary solution to certain needs, but lack continuity over time, which is why we considered the possibility of conducting sport activities on a regular basis throughout the year for people with disabilities. Therefore, we plan to take advantage of Mallorca’s climate and the proximity of the different sport facilities located in the municipality of Calvià and vicinity to run courses all year round.


    The purpose of the Foundation "A Sea without Barriers" is to make nautical sports and the sailing world accessible to those persons that have been excluded because of the lack of adaptations. The principal projects that the foundation develops are: 1. Workshop School, 2. Nautical Activities Club, 3. Sailing School, 4. Accessibility Centre, 5. Adapted boat "Sirenita".

  • Fundación Lengua

    The Fundación de la Lengua Española - The Foundation for the Spanish Language - is a private institution. Its creation in Spain responds to a twofold desire: on the one hand to promote the Spanish language and culture in countries where Spanish is not the main language, and secondly to spread the image of Spain and Castilla y León throughout the world.

  • Elsa Integracio

    La nostra associacio te una vocacio de servei sense anim de lucre, a persones amb mobilitat reduida i/o discapacitades, de suport en els aspectes que el col.lectiu necessita, assessorament, transport, oci, turisme i activitats esportives.

  • The Fundacion ONCE for Cooperation and the Integration of the Disabled

    The Fundacion ONCE for Cooperation and the Integration of the Disabled was founded in February 1988 by means of a resolution taken by the General Council of the ONCE. In September of the same year, it was formally presented to the general public as an instrument of the Spanish blind to cooperate and show their solidarity with other groups of disabled people and improve their quality of life.

  • Polibea Turismo

    Polibea Turismo provides a website and monthly information bulletin dedicated to accessible tourism in Spain. From its beginning in 2002, Polibea Turismo has worked to favour the participation and enjoyment of people with communication and/or mobility impairments in leisure and tourism activities by helping to overcome the first barrier that shows up in front of a customer: lack of information.