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This page lists public sector organisatons in Spain that are working on accessible tourism, with information for businesses and/or for customers.

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  • Culture Accessible for All in Spain

    There are more and more initiatives in Spain that guarantee cultural tourism accessible to all. Adapted routes, specialised services, adapted facilities and accessible guides are now a reality in Spain. Here are some of the options for Spain’s main cities and monuments for disabled persons. Never before has culture in Madrid been so accessible. There are guided tours held at certain times, adapted for people with disability, whether this be physical, visual, mental or auditory. Visit Madrid’s “art triangle” in a wheelchair, without worrying about architectural barriers, discover the Gran Vía with signing guides, explore the historic “Los Austrias” area with voice-amplified guides, or live the traditional Christmas celebrations to the full... all this is possible thanks to these special routes. If you want to take part, you just have to sign up in advance at the tourist office. Furthermore, major museums such as the Prado National Museum and the Reina Sofía National Art Centre have accessible facilities. However, if there is one museum designed especially for disabled persons, this is the Typhlological Museum, where, amongst other activities, you can use your hands to explore major monuments such as the Royal Palace in Madrid, the Alhambra in Granada and the Aqueduct in Segovia. There are many initiatives that guarantee universal access to Spain’s cultural sites. Special mention should be made of those in operation at certain monuments. This is the case of Ávila’s city wall. It’s most recent refurbishment included points of access for persons with reduced mobility. In fact, Ávila was highlighted as an example of accessibility at the “International Tourism For All Congress” organised in Spain by the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT).

  • Catalonia, Tourism for Everyone

    The Catalan tourism sector is promoting accessibility, thereby giving reality to the principle that persons with disabilities deserve equal conditions in a pluralistic and respectful society. We present you a selection of 19 destinations which offer a full range of adapted tourist resources so that everyone has the chance to enjoy Catalonia's important cultural heritage, its impressive landscapes, its rich gastronomy, and even sporting activities. Catalonia Tourism is an ENAT Member.