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General Information

ENAT is a non-profit association, registered in Belgium. According to the terms of the Belgian legislation there are two membership categories: “Associate Members” (membres adhérents) and “Full Members” (membres effectifs). 

The members must be physical persons or legal entities. By registering with ENAT, members show they agree with the aims, objectives and purposes of the association, as described in the ENAT Statutes.

New members are accepted as an Associate Member

Associate Members who wish to become Full Members must apply by letter to the ENAT Board, as described in the section, below: Full Members

General Conditions of Membership:

The following general conditions apply to all new applicants and renewing members:

  • Registration is made via the on-line form at
  • After registration and activation of your account, please download your PDF Invoice from the Members' Area (Subscriptions) and pay the fee.
  • New Associate Members should provide appropriate documentation by Email to in order for ENAT to verify their status and ensure the correct fee to be paid.
  • ENAT membership is open to businesses and organisations of all sizes.
  • Individuals may also join ENAT.
  • Associate Members do not need to demonstrate experience in accessible tourism but for tourism providers commitment to the ENAT Code of Good Conduct is desirable.
  • Applicants for Full Membership must apply in writing to the ENAT Board with a description of proven experience in accessible tourism within their field(s) of activity. 
  • The annual fee must be paid (in EURO) either via the online payment system (PayPal / Credit Card), or by bank transfer within 30 days of registration (Associate Members) or within 30 days after approval of full membership request (Full Members).
  • From 1.1.2019, organisations and individuals based outside Europe may also apply for Full Membership of ENAT.

After registering via the on-line registration page, the applicant should pay the appropriate Associate Member's fee.

NOTICE: 27 May 2023. No Payments can be made to ENAT while we switch to a new Bank Account. 

New Bank details will be posted here in due course.

ENAT Membership Annual Fees in EURO. Updated 4 January 2023





1. Organisation or Enterprise

Fee (EURO)

Fee (EURO)

International Organisations, public bodies



Profit organisations, enterprises

(more than 250 staff, full-time equivalent)



Profit organisations, enterprises

(Up to 249 staff, full-time equivalent)



NGO/Non-Profit Organisations



2. Individual member






Private person



Retired /Student/ Unemployed






NOTICE: Covid-19 Fee Waiver for new and renewing members until 30 June 2023

Membership fees are waived for Individual Members and Small-Medium sized businesses with less than 250 employees due to the financial impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the tourism sector. 

This decision was taken initially by the ENAT Board of Directors in June 2020, and was re-confirmed by the Board in June 2021 and March 2022. The fee waiver applies to all new and renewing members in the above-mentioned categories until 30 June 2023.

The fee waiver represented a combined saving to our members of over 60,000 EURO in 2022.

Meanwhile, ENAT seeks to maintain its services to members and to the wider community through the support of the NGOs, public sector organisations, larger enterprises and sponsors who contribute at the normal membership rates and "in kind". 

We thank all our members for their valuable support. 

Register now at our Sign-up page.

(Organisations are asked to provide proof of company size/status), as mentioned above.

Payment by bank transfer

Payment is suspended temporarily until a new bank account has been established.  

European Network for Accessible Tourism – ENAT asbl.

Registered office:

Rue du Commerce 72,
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium.

ENAT asbl. is exempt from VAT. No VAT is charged on membership fees.
Company number: 0897.614.640

After we have registered your payment you will be able to download your ENAT Membership Certificate and Code of Good Conduct Certificate from the "My profile" page.