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Belgium - Public Authorities and Tourist Boards

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30/06/2010 Tourism Wallonia - Brussels (Belgium)

For Persons with Reduced Mobility, the website presents accessibility information based on the "Passe-Partout" indicators system. The Indice Passe-Partout is the result of an evaluation on the accessibility of a building that is open to the public. It is a drawing of a key on which 6 icons appear. Below every icon you see a value between 0 and 9, representing the accessibility level of the building. In order of appearance on the key, from left to right, these icons have the following meaning: Unaccompanied wheelchair user, Accompanied wheelchair user, Someone with difficulty walking, Partially sighted person, Someone with a hearing disability, Someone who has difficulties understanding others. Information covers: Accommodations Accessible to All; Discoveries Accessible to All; River Tourism Accessible to All; Sports Accessible to All; Other Places Accessible to All.
Language(s): DE | JPN | FR | ES | CHI | NL | IT | EN
Keyword(s): Accessibility information, access guides | Accommodation services | Adventure | Ancient monuments | Attractions | Boats and boating | Museums and galleries | Natural Phenomena | Nature holidays | Special services for disabled visitors | Theme parks, leisure parks and water parks | Tourist information services | Transport services | Walking and hiking | Young childrens' and families' holidays and services | Youth tourism

24/12/2008 Infopunt Toegankelijk Reizen

The Accessible Travel Info Point (in Dutch: Infopunt Toegankelijk Reizen) is a service of the Flemish Tourist Board Toerisme Vlaanderen, which grew out of cooperation with various organisations and services by and for people with disabilities. The mission of the Info Point is to supplement the lack of information about travelling when you have a disability. A traveller with a disability or impairment will find carefully collected information at the Info Point about the accessibility of various holiday destinations in Belgium and other countries. He/she can expect reliable information from us, tailored to his/her personal requirements. The tourism sector in Flanders can contact us for background information about accessibility, subsidies available and guidelines for alterations to improve accessibility.
Language(s): DE | FR | NL | EN
Keyword(s): Accessibility information, access guides | Tourist information services

18/06/2007 Toerisme Vlaanderen

The Flemish Tourist Board provides both information to customers and the tourism sector. They give information for the tourism sector to promote and support accessible businesses.
Language(s): NL
Keyword(s): Accessibility information, access guides

15/06/2007 Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

Flemish Brabant, the youngest of the five provinces of Flanders, was created in 1995 when the single province of Brabant was split into three: a Flemish part, a Walloon part, and the capital region of Brussels. Since then this area of Flanders has been known for its fascinating and varied character. Over a total area of 2,106 km2, spread over 65 communities, you will find more than 1 million cordial and hospitable people who are proud of their province and its individual character.
Language(s): FR | NL | EN

15/06/2007 Tourism of the Town Sint-Niklaas

The town of Sint-Niklaas is a vibrant and modern city in the heart of Flanders (the north of Belgium). It has about 70.000 inhabitants and is a stone's throw away from major Belgian cities as Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. Sint-Niklaas is also the capital of the Waas region, which is why it has such a strong influence on the entire region. Sint-Niklaas has lots of events and activities for just about any visitor. Here's what to expect in our wonderful town.
Language(s): FR | NL | EN
Keyword(s): Accessibility information, access guides