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  • Oyster Accessible Travel NZ

    Our Mission: To become the 'one-stop shop' go to resource for anyone travelling with access needs in New Zealand. What is Oyster Accessible Travel? Oyster Accessible Travel offers a comprehensive booking site and travel guide for both domestic and international travellers who travel with extra mobility needs. These travellers need to know beforehand information on access for accommodation, activities, walks, transport and sometimes equipment hire. Oyster has researched, reviewed and collated all the needed accessible information for the traveller into a 'one-stop shop' website. Thus saving the traveller time and giving them access to the choice of accessible facilities on offer throughout their travels in New Zealand. Oyster has a goal to be the leading booking information site for accessible tourism in New Zealand. It intends to build confidence in the brand and create a very useful database for accommodation in all the main centres. It will provide a description of the access room that will be further backed up with photos. We intend to visit all listed accommodation to provide verification that the information stated by the business is correct. This site encourages positive travel information, products and experiences. It welcomes your feedback to build this essential window into New Zealand's accessible world. Please join us to make access happen, success will come if we build it together.

  • Accomobility

    Find detailed and centralised information about accessible facilities provided at accommodation establishments throughout New Zealand.

  • New Zealand's South Island: A Wheelchair User's Guide

    This is a travel guide for wheelchair users who want to experience the South Island of New Zealand. It begins and ends in Christchurch, the main international gateway. The South Island of New Zealand has often been described as rolling the best of the whole worlds scenery in one small accessible package. It is blessed with magnificent Alpine scenery from the Southern Alps, which form the spine of the island. It has some of the most perfect coastal scenery from the peaceful bays of its Pacific Coast to the wild ruggedness of the west coast. It has thermal hot springs, some of the best wine growing regions of the world, arguably the best Whale Watching and Dolphin encounters, and a fiordland almost as good as Scandinavia.