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  1. The History For You And For Me

    each individual citizen’s well being in mind, with the aim to make accessibility become a global

  2. ELEVATOR - Efficient movement to the higher quality staff and services in tourism for all

    example and recommendation which could foster tourism providers’ and social entrepreneurs´ mind-sets

  3. Frankfurt, Germany

    with disabilities cannot be ignored in promoting Frankfurt as a tourist destination. With this in mind, one

  4. Accessible Madrid's "Accessible Spain" 2016 Travel Brochure

    in Spain and always bearing in mind ACCESSIBILITY. Accessible Madrid is an Associate Member of ENAT http

  5. Accessible Travel Week + 5 Top Tips For Planning an Accessible Holiday of a Lifetime

    not need all of the information, but for ease of mind, it’s handy to have it with you. If you’d like

  6. “Tourism for All - Promoting Universal Accessibility” Good Practices in the Accessible Tourism Supply Chain

    destinations around the world. The very first step is to open one’s mind to the idea that “Tourism... more accessible. For more information please visit

  7. Tourism and Accessibility, Olympic Bid - Rome 2024 and Village for All® Sign Agreement  

    a sustainable bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which keeps in mind people with motor or sensory

  8. European Accessibility Act: The Council of the EU Adopts Its Position

    a deadlock situation. It is also important to keep in mind that the text can still change significantly

  9. Silver Travel Advisor

    Travel and reviews website for the over 50s. If you are planning or just thinking about your next trip or holiday, this is the place to find out more before making those big decisions. To check out the places you have in mind or to discover new ideas, the easiest way is by reading our hotel reviews

  10. International Paralympic Committee Campaign, WeThe15: A global human rights movement for the 1.2 billion persons with disabilities

    them a platform to show the world that they and we can accomplish anything, when we put our mind