Tourism and Accessibility, Olympic Bid - Rome 2024 and Village for All® Sign Agreement  

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#LabRoma2024, the Bid committee and the new startup have one objective: to make the Olympics accessible to all, including people with disabilities. Montezemolo: "Part of our effort to leave a legacy for the city".  

11.8.2016. Rome 2024 and Village for All® sign an agreement. 

#LabRoma2024, the Bid committee and the new startup have one objective: to make the Olympics accessible to all, including people with disabilities  

"Part of our effort to leave a legacy for the city", said President of the Bid Committee, Luca di Montezemolo.

Towards Roma 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

The bidding team aims to guarantee accessibility to the city’s sport and tourist attractions for people with permanent or temporary disabilities, with a special emphasis on the quality and professionalism of the services offered. That’s the objective underlying the agreement signed by the Rome 2024 Bid Committee and Village for All®-V4A: one of the many activities included in #labRoma2024.

Village for All®-V4A is the innovative startup that manages the V4A® international quality brand, ensuring that tourist structures are working to offer accessible tourism.

The agreement is also part of Rome 2024’s efforts toward a sustainable bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which keeps in mind people with motor or sensory disabilities (deafness and/or blindness), those suffering from allergies or food intolerance, the elderly, the sick, and families with young children, ensuring that the selected structures, hotels, agriturismi [farm stays], museums and stadiums are completely accessible to all, both tourists and others.  

The V4AInside App offers tourists a digital map of structures that are free from barriers and describes all the opportunities these have to offer. The effort focuses on including a majority of the structures that welcome tourists, creating a virtuous cycle that will lead them, over the coming years, to become “partners” in total accessibility, allowing them to display the international quality brand for accessibility.  

“This is an important agreement, fully in line with our desire for a bid that will offer the city a legacy right from the initial phase, the promotional phase" - the president of the Bid Committee, Luca di Montezemolo, stated. "Accessibility is just such a legacy, and a crucial one. Rome is severely lacking in this area, which is why we are pushing so much on this front. We hope to make up for lost time, to modernise our capital, and improve the quality of life for our citizens”.  

“It’s a great pleasure to offer our professional experience, and the significant quantity of work already carried out in the territory, to help support the bid for the Rome 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games" - the President of Village for All®, Roberto Vitali, added. "It was here that the first edition of the Paralympic Games was held in 1960, and we are proud to all work together, today, on a project that hopes to offer full accessibility to Olympic venues, and to the entire city. People with disabilities are, for the first time, being placed front and centre for a large scale event, right from the planning phase, and that adds to the credibility of this important project”.

This new agreement follows the recent agreement signed with Federalberghi Roma, and several other agreements signed with various sectors in the city, including: universities, environmental groups, schools, sports bodies, businesses and entrepreneurs.

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