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INTERREG IVc 2nd Call for Proposals. ENAT Offers Project Support

21/11/2008 | 1 comments

The INTERREG IVc programme on innovation and environment targets the transnational exchange of experiences and good practices between public sector organisations working at municipal, provincial and regional levels in the EU Member States.

With the 2nd Call for proposals now open, ENAT is keen to support public authorities in their bids to design and implement transnational projects where accessible tourism is in focus.

As a non-profit organisation, ENAT is not eligible for direct funding from the programme. Public bodies may, however, tender for support from accessible tourism experts who can assist them with their project proposals and with the running of their projects, should they be funded.

ENAT would like to see several INTERREG IVC projects addressing accessible tourism, as there is so much that needs to be done in all the regions of Europe! We suggest that all projects could benefit from engaging with the ENAT Secretariat or an ENAT Member in their country. The ENAT Secretariat will coordinate with those ENAT Members that provide assistance to proposers and eventual projects, so as to ensure a harmonised approach across all the projects.

INTERREG IVC - Accessible Tourism Themes

Accessible Tourism policies and practices are relevant to both the programme priorities:

Priority 1 - Innovation and the Knowledge Economy, and
Priority 2 - Environment and Risk Prevention.

Following the INTERREG IVC typology of projects, ENAT is able to contribute to both types of intervention: Regional Initiative Projects and/or Capitalisation Projects including Fast Track Projects.

By way of example, project proposals might address one or more of the following themes: 

  • Policies for the promotion and development of accessible tourism
  • Job Creation - opportunities in the developing area of accessible tourism
  • Integration of disabled employees in the tourism sector
  • Human Resource development, Life-Long Learning
  • Accessible Destination Management – strategies, tools and methods
  • Accessible Tourism Marketing and Labelling
  • Accessible Public Transport Systems and Services
  • Accessible Information, Web accessibility and ICTs for Tourism Development
  • Public-Private Partnerships for Tourism Development; involving SMEs
  • Accessibility & Sustainable Tourism – Environmental, Economic, Social aspects

ENAT Expertise

ENAT is able to offer expertise through its network of members in all EU member states, accession countries, Norway and Switzerland. In practical terms, ENAT can provide specific assistance with:

  • Proposal writing, partner search and network-building;
  • Identifying European Good Practices in Accessible Tourism;
  • Policy analysis and benchmarking for accessible tourism;
  • Access to qualified regional, national and European partners and networks;
  • Disseminating results at European-level, including the ENAT International Congress 2009 in Vienna; managing and facilitating meetings; channelling publicity via the ENAT website and production of printed materials;
  • Ensuring the project is accessible for people with disabilities, (which is a programme requirement to receive EU funding);
  • Disability awareness and accessibility training for public servants, professional trades, tourism managers and front-line staff;
  • Expert speakers, co-chairs and rapporteurs for your events;
  • Project management, project monitoring and project evaluation.

Contact ENAT if you wish to enquire about ENAT's INTERREG IVC support, or find an ENAT expert near you.

Download the full text and ENAT contact details in the PDF document:
"ENAT INTERREG IVC Expression of Interest", from the right-hand column. 

Read more about the INTERREG IVC Innovation and Environment Programme.

1 comment(s) posted

Posted by Ambrose Ivor on 2008/11/21 - 13:52:02

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