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Seoul Spearheads Global Efforts to Promote Fair and Sustainable Urban Tourism

01/12/2018 | 0 comments

Fair travel campaign image with two snails

Seoul, South Korea, September, 2018
During the 7th UNWTO Global Summit and the SIFT Forum 2018, Seoul announced the second edition of the Global Campaign “Fair Travel Living Together", aimed at raising worldwide awareness of fair travel and sustainable tourism while promoting mutually beneficial relationships between tourists and host communities.
“Tourist Go home”, “Tourist: your luxury trip, my daily misery”, “Your tourism kills my neighborhood”. Recently, this kind of message has been seen in several travel destinations victims of their own success and attractiveness. Indeed, for many residents living in those popular landmarks, tourism has often been experienced as a nightmare rather than a dream.

While many cities have been overwhelmed by mass tourism and what is now called “overtourism”, Seoul has been striving to promote alternative forms of tourism that do not put pressure on destinations and offer quality experiences to citizens as well as visitors.

As the host city of the 7th UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism, which took place on 16-19 September, the South Korean capital is determined to spearhead global discussions and efforts towards fair, responsible and sustainable urban tourism.

With a focus on urban tourism, this global campaign was launched in 2017 during the second SIFT Forum under the theme “Urban Tourism: Fair and Sustainable City Agenda" as an initiative designed and promoted by the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO), the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), and Barcelona City Council in Spain, in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization’s #travelenjoyrespect campaign, within the framework of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development designated by the United Nations.

The 2018-19 Campaign

This year again, the global campaign is seeking to achieve the following objectives:
* To raise global public awareness of the issues related to fair travel and sustainable tourism;
* To mobilize action from all involved stakeholders, particularly urban destinations and global organizations involved in tourism ;
To promote fair and sustainable behaviors and respect for the host communities from travelers.

Through the main message “I am a traveling citizen on journey to a city where we live together”, travelers across the world are encouraged to enjoy happy and authentic experiences, in harmony with the environments they visit and their local residents, by respecting and empowering them.

The proposed actions are:
1. To respect the culture and rights of the people of the city in which you are traveling.
2. To respect daily life in the city: make an effort to keep the noise down and reduce trash.
3. To minimize the environmental damage caused by the act of traveling. Reduce carbon emissions and save our planet by preserving nature.
4. To consider that travel is a right for all and make sure that the socially vulnerable can enjoy their rights to travel and movement.
5. To practice ethical consumption, and make an effort to choose local shops, restaurants, markets and handicrafts.
6. To respect the rights of workers in the tourism industry, including hotel workers, shop owners and guides.
To declare that travelers and citizens living in travel destinations all deserve to lead happy and sustainable lives.

Seoul Tourism Organisation Campaign Team Photo: Campaign Team at the Global Summit, Seoul

The global campaign “Fair Travel Living Together" and its partners were presented on a booth displayed at the Global Summit, including:  
the French cities of Paris and Marseille, the European Network for Accessible Tourism - ENAT, the Global Alternative Tourism Network, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the International Center for Responsible Tourism, The Japanese Ecotourism Society, Kabani Community Tourism Service, Le Cordon Bleu University in Lima, Peru, Millennium Destinations, One Planet Sustainable Tourism Program, Peace Boat, the Positive Business Chair of Paris Nanterre University, socialtours, the Thai Community based Tourism Institute, UN-Habitat / Urban Resilience Hub, and the World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training - AMFORHT.

Good planning and management have been identified as key factors of success not only for sustainable tourism development, but also for overcoming the challenges of overcrowding / overtourism.

Each destination is unique and should have its own personal agenda, but all tourism stakeholders, including administrations, governments, local authorities, policy-makers and regulators, destinations managers and promoters, private businesses and associations, NGOs, Academia, local communities and tourists, should continuously engage and join forces, so that the sector can grow in a responsible way, towards peace, global prosperity, social inclusiveness and environmental sustainability.

Based on its experience and the lessons learnt throughout its modern history, Seoul has proven its willingness and capacity to become a model of smart, sustainable, resilient and hospitable city.

Download the posters from the right-hand panel in PDF format.

Contact / Author:  Catherine Germier-Hamel

ENAT small logo ENAT supports the Global Campaign: "Fair Travel Living Together"

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