ENAT “Partner Webinar” at Zero Project Conference 2022

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24 February 2022 Online. Introduction to ENAT: Advancing Accessible Tourism for All. ENAT Members show how they are improving the quality of tourism through innovation and collaboration. In collaboration with ZERO Project Conference 2022, Vienna.

ENAT small logoIntroduction to ENAT: Advancing Accessible Tourism for All

ENAT works with public bodies, private businesses and advocacy organisations to develop and promote Accessible Tourism for All.

At this Webinar some ENAT Members will present their activities, showing how they are improving the quality of tourism through innovation and collaboration.

Webinar participants can question the panellists and learn about the work of ENAT in general.

All are welcome! 

Date: Thursday 24th February 2022

Time: 10:00 to 11:30 Central European Time (Vienna)

Language: English

Watch the video recording of the webinar on YouTube. 1 hour 31 minutes.


Ivor Ambrose, ENAT Managing Director, Greece


  • Anna Grazia Laura, ENAT President, Italy. Engaging accessible tourism stakeholders worldwide
  • Marco Pizzio, AISM. Italy, Access Training: a universal requirement for managers and staff
  • Martin Lobert, Accessible Tromsø, Norway. Accessible Arctic Adventures
  • Sonia García-Fraile, Fundación ONCE. The Accessible Way of Saint James
  • Miguel Carrasco, PREDIF, Spain. TUR4all Accessibility Information Scheme
  • Ana Garcia, Accessible Portugal. A joined-up approach for accessible tourism services.
  • Selvakumar Ramachandran, Kerckhoffs Ltd, UK “Eyemmersive” 360-video Virtual Reality Guided Tourism Experiences.

Download the Programme and slide presentations in PDF format from the right-hand column.

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