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The Scandic hotel chain receives two ‘STIL’ awards for its accessibility work

19/09/2007 | 0 comments

Scandic Hotels logo

STIL, the Stockholm Cooperative for Independent Living, announced the winner of its fourth annual Ace of Hearts award. For the first time ever, the accolade was given to a company and that company’s Disability Coordinator who, with initiative and creativity, has improved accessibility for disabled people. The awards were announced at Stockholm International Fairs and justified as follows: 

“Like a chef, Scandic's Disability Coordinator Magnus Berglund has, with commendable creativity, composed a harmonious dish of classic ingredients. Not for him the staple fare – with imagination and initiative, Magnus has put the dish of ‘accessibility’ firmly on Scandic Hotels’ menu, much to the delight of many and as an example to others! For his dedicated work, we award Magnus Berglund STIL’s Ace of Hearts 2007 and SEK 20,000.”

“The Scandic hotel chain is not yet perfect, but the company has an attitude and an awareness that makes Scandic unique in its sector. STIL hopes and believes that Scandic will succeed in meeting the Riksdag’s disability policy objective of removing all easily remedied obstacles by the year 2010. Scandic is awarded STIL’s Ace of Hearts 2007 for its aim that ‘Staying at Scandic is to be easy and accessible for all’.”

Autumn 2006 saw Scandic launch its Accessibility Standard at all its hotels in the Nordic region. The aim is to better adapt all the chain’s 129 hotels to the needs of people with various disabilities. All Scandic staff have now received training on accessibility, service and disability issues.

About the STIL award

STIL is a non-profit organisation which focuses on issues of accessibility, anti-discrimination and the equal value of all citizens. STIL’s Ace of Hearts award was set up to encourage individual or collective initiatives which clearly raise awareness of STIL’s core concerns. The STIL award has been an annual fixture since 2004.

For more information or photos, please contact:

Magnus Berglund, Disability Coordinator, Scandic, tel: +46 (0)8-517 350 77

Christina Karlegran, Media Coordinator, Scandic, tel: +46 (0)709-73 50 84

Visit the STIL Website:

Visit the Scandic Hotels Website:

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