Inclusive Travel Offers and Services in the Azores by ENAT Member, Cresaçor

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Cresaçor – Regional Cooperative of Solidary Economy promotes inclusive tourism in the Azores, offering comprehensive vacation packages accessible to people with special needs with accommodation, transport, accommodation and additional services.

Photo of Azores, view of Sao MiguelCresaçor – Regional Cooperative of Solidary Economy with status of touristic animation company since 2005, promotes inclusive tourism in the Azores.

To achieve this aim we offer vacation packages accessible to people with special needs so that the islands of the Azores may increase their reputation as a potential holiday destination.

We believe that our tourism product is well suited to the needs of people with disabilities, having in mind that the experiences associated with nature are good for improving well-being in general.

In this sense we created a package with accommodation and car, accommodation only as well as full day programs and additional services.

The Azores

The Azores archipelago is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Lisbon and New York, at latitude between 39º 56´and 36º 43´North and a longitude between 24º 46 ´and 31º 16´West, almost a third of the way along the route between Europe and America.

Of volcanic origin, the archipelago consists of nine islands divided into three groups: the eastern group with Santa Maria and São Miguel; the central group includes Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial and to the west, Flores and Corvo. The Azores have an approximate population of 245.000 people and total surfaces are covering 2.333 km2.

On these islands you’ll find places of extraordinary tranquility and beauty, where the blue of the sea and of the hydrangeas and the green of the fields and mountains range in hue from one island to another. The crater lakes have a unique beauty and mystical charm, associated with ancient legends. Their museums, churches and palaces house artistic and historical treasures and their traditions, popular festivities, handicrafts and gastronomy are still very much alive, comprising a five hundred year old heritage.

Photo of Azores bullfinchesAzores bullfinches
As a holiday destination, the Azores definitely suit all tastes. Here you’ll find golf courses surrounded by flowers and lush vegetation, walking trails, where you can observe nature, birds, endemic plants and volcanic phenomena, whales and other marine life; grey sandy beaches inviting you to spend hours of fun in the sea, which is sometimes calm, and where the waves are often ideal for surfing. Tennis, horseback riding, sailing and big-game fishing are among the many activities that you can choose for an unforgettable holiday.

Five airports receive international flights, while Lisboa (Portugal) provides the gateway to and from Europe and the world.

Cresaçor Offers - Catalogue Section Headings

1.  Azores – Nature at its best
2.  Accommodation Description - Tradicampo
    2.1 Casa de Fonte: self-catering, with photos and access measurements
    2.2 Casa Pátio – Arribana: self-catering, with photos and access measurements
    2.3 Casa Pátio – Casa do Tanque
    2.4 Casa da Talha
3. Package Sleep and Drive
4. Additional Services: including quad bikes, whale watching, canoeing, guided and assisted walks
5. Full day programmes.

Download the Cresaçor Catalogue and Price List 2012 in PDF format from the right-hand panel. 


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