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New Cluster for Accessible Tourism is Formed to Promote "Bulgaria for All"

13/04/2011 | 0 comments

Photo: Summer Tourism, by Bulgaria Travel photoBulgaria Travel

As a result of the activities of the Foundation " Ne spirai / Don’t Stop” the "Cluster for accessible tourism (CAT)” was founded, with the core purpose of promoting business and development of accessible tourism in Bulgaria with the brand "Bulgaria for All".

The cluster was founded by 11 companies, 3 NGOs and 2 individuals.

Mission CAT

Tourism in Bulgaria - in line with European and worldwide social values for people with special needs, while developing its competitiveness.

Main products and services:

  1. Support its members in gaining access to new markets through the development of innovative service to improve their economic performance;
  2. Information and training packages of services;
  3. General marketing services;
  4. Access to financial resources and support;
  5. Support the establishment of interconnections between members of CAT;
  6. Collaboration on specific projects, products and services;
  7. Lobbying and general protection of interests of members of CAT;
  8. Optimization of members’ expenses;
  9. Imposition of a brand "Bulgaria for All" as the winning standard of service.

CAT is the first organization in Bulgaria to develop accessible tourism in Bulgaria.

To date:

  • Submitted project proposal for the OP to finance the administrative body of CAT, training and promotion of accessible tourism in Bulgaria;
  • Submitted project proposal to take part in the program "Europe" of Sofia Municipality for the accessibility of the cultural monuments in Sofia.


  • Building partnerships with members of ENAT;
  • Cooperation with foreign organizations in applying for funding from EU and other donors;
  • Business contacts with interested organizations and individuals.

We look forward to any contact of people and organizations involved directly or indirectly, with accessible tourism.

Dimitar Dimitrov (President of the Board)
Assia Assenova (Coordinator)
e-mail: asia[at]nespirai[dot]net

Download the CAT document, with list of members, in PDF format (Bulgarian or English versions) from the right-hand panel.

ENAT Member logo  Ne Spirai is an Associate Member of ENAT



Dear Friends,

Congratulations on starting your national Cluster in Bulgaria! We admire your achievement and welcome you to working with the ENAT members. 

With warm wishes for many successes in the years ahead!

Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director, ENAT



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