Join the EPSI and ENAT Webinar: “Active ageing through Sport and Accessible Tourism”

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Join this free Webinar to learn about the SENIOR Eco-Nect EU project and discuss the role of Sport and Accessible Tourism in the Silver Economy.

Webinar: Recorded Monday 12th December 2022  “Active ageing through Sport and Accessible Tourism”

Time: from 10.00 to 12.00 CET (Brussels time)

Watch on YouTube: 1 hour 54 minutes. (Read Agenda and background below)


10.00  Welcome to the SENIOR Eco-Nect Webinar. Anna Grazia Laura, ENAT and Alberto Bichi, EPSI

10.10  Introduction to Accessible Tourism and the Silver Economy. Ivor Ambrose, ENAT

10.20  Value and volume of senior tourism. Designing tourism services for All.  Emiliano Deferrari and Katerina Papamichail, ENAT

10.30  Introduction to Sport Innovation and the Silver Economy. Antonello Marega, EPSI (tbc)

10.40  Healthy Lifestyle 4 All.  Alberto Bichi, EPSI

10.50  Guest speaker : NGO representing older persons (to be confirmed)

Stakeholders’ Exchange: Themes, Comments, Questions and Answers

11.00  1). Accessible Tourism. Supporting tourism sector transition Moderator: Emiliano Deferrari

11.15  2). Sport – EPSI Moderator: Panos Papageorgiou

11.30  3). Coordination among networks – with focus on Silver Economy.  Moderator: Ivor Ambrose

11.45  SENIOR Eco-nect Project – Next steps. Caroline Weste, Eurosanté (tbc)

12.00  Close


The European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI) and ENAT are pleased to announce a 2-hour Webinar on “Active ageing through Sport & Accessible Tourism”, in collaboration with the EU project, “SENIOR ECO-Nect”.

This online event will inform about opportunities for cross-sectoral collaborations, supporting innovation in the Silver Economy.

We invite:

  • Public authorities & policy makers - EU, national, regional and local leve Industries and other professionals
  • SMEs, larger companies, professionals working with older people; tourism, sport and healthcare professionals, …,
  • Academia - universities, research organisations, training providers, …
  • Civil society and advocacy organisations - NGOs; associations; seniors; general public, sport associations, ….
  • Other innovation actors - Clusters, incubators, innovation hubs, living labs, business angels, investors; purchasers, …

After introductory presentations by experts in Sport Innovation and Accessible Tourism, the remaining time is devoted to discussion and contributions from participants on the main themes: Sport, Tourism and Coordination among networks.


image of SENIOR Eco-Nect logo The overall objective of Senior Eco-Nect is to prepare a joint action plan to support the emergence and the development of European ecosystems dedicated to silver and ageing economy as well as ensuring the inclusivity and interconnectivity between all the key innovation stakeholders of the sector and cross-sectors.

The term “Silver Economy” designates the economy of the older population or the sum of all economic activities and the whole range of products and services that serve the needs of people aged 50 and over.

Project information: Website

Webinar information: Email

Welcome to the Webinar!

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