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International Health Tourism Convention, Athens, Greece


International Health Tourism Convention banner, 11 to 14 March 2015 11 to 14 March 2015, Athens, Greece.

The Convention is being staged to table and endorse policies and strategies which will expand the Industry to address a broader Market – meaning more business for all. It was designed so that decision-makers and purse-string holders (and even regulators) could get together for the purpose of addressing, considering and candidly expressing their views and opinions on issues impacting the Health Tourism Sector, moving towards “adoption and implementation”.

The Convention Aims

The essential aim of the Convention is to:

  • Fully reveal what Health Tourism is - and even more importantly, what it can be
  • Promote the integration of the Health Tourism Segments, the Sector - supporting Industries and the Domain Stakeholders
  • Demonstrate the benefits of the ht8 approach to segmentation, integration, administration, development and promotion
  • Encourage the formation of International and trans-Segment Alliances
  • Ensure that no Health Tourism Destination is left behind.

The Convention includes the Accessible Tourism Forum Keynote, given by Mr. Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director of ENAT.
(Download in PDF format from the right-hand panel).

For full information about the Convention, Registration and extensive resources on Health Tourism, start at the "front door" of the Convention website:

Download the document, All About the Health Tourism Convention from the right-hand panel in PDF format.  

To contact the organisers, visit the Convention Contacts Page