A sea without barriers - sailing in Valencia

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Once completed the restoration and adaptation of the 12 meter long motor boat "Sirenita" by the foundation "A Sea Without Barriers", people with reduced mobility will have the chance to enjoy tourist sailing tours in Valencian harbour.

The foundation A Sea Without Barriers (Un Mar Sin Barreras), supports the cultural, labour, and social integration of people with a disability and those in risk of social exclusion through projects and activities focused on the nautical sector. 

The main objectives of the Foundation are :
- to promote the professional training as well as labour integration of people with a disability;
- to develop programs that facilitate accessibility to facilities, equipment and boats;
- to develop programs and activities that bring people with a disability closer to the sea.

The Foundation carries out, in addition to "La Sirenita project", four main programs:
- Workshop (vocational training);
- Adaptive Marine Activities Club;
- Adaptive Sailing School;
- Accessibility Centre.

Restoration and adaptation of the motor boat "Sirenita".

In the harbour of Valencia, modern catamarans are taking tourist out sailing. Their predecessors, three old-fashioned tourist boats, are long forgotten. As they were no longer being used, they were left to sink at the beginning of the year. The foundation "A Sea Without Barriers" was able to save one : "Sirenita" (Little Mermaid).

"Sirenita" was built in 1953 and was used a tourist boat in the harbour of Valencia during 50 years. The foundation has worked hard to totally reform the boat and adapt it to the needs of passengers with reduced mobility. The new installations include a flat deck, special systems to fasten 8 wheelchairs (suitable for any kind of wheelchair), an adapted toilet (120mm wheelchair turning space, transfer bars) and a ramp to enter the boat easily. "Sirenita" will be first adapted tourist boat in the harbour of Valencia.

Adapted Sailing School.

The objective of the sailing school is to promote the integration between able-bodied people and people with a disability through sailing activities. The school offers a wide range of activities, from beginners classes in sailing to competition training.  Sailing classes are held on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, take about three hours and combine theory and practice. A team of professional sailing instructors, specialised in adapted sailing, teach all the basics.

The Adaptive Sailing School is located in the Port of Port Saplaya. The address is: Highway AP7, km. 4.5 Ronda del Puerto, Alboraya.

More info on the School can be found in the joined document "Escuela de Vela Adaptada. Un Mar Sin Barreras" (Spanish version).

Fundación Un Mar Sin Barreras
Calle Serrería, 41
46022 Valencia
Tel: +34 96 355 93 41
Fax: +34 96 355 93 37
E-mail: info@unmarsinbarreras.org
More information in : www.unmarsinbarreras.org