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Adapted Skiing Programme in Greece

01/08/2007 | 0 comments

Thodoris Petropoulos introduces the adapted skiing programme taking place in Vassilitsa, Grevena, Greece throughout the winter season.

The programme offers people with disabilities, individually or as parts of schools, clubs and institutions the chance to take winter vacations learning how to ski, along with appropriate training, equipment and accommodation. It also offers the opportunity for their parents to participate.

Disabled athletes can train in the sports of alpine skiing, ice sledge hockey, nordic skiing and wheelchair curling, practicing alongside acknowledged Paralympic athletes and training experts.

People with mild and moderate brain damage can also attend therapeutic training programmes on how to ski.

Finally, young scientists and other professionals (physical therapists, trainers etc) who are interested in working on the field are welcome to join the programme.

Download the Programme and contact details from the right-hand panel.

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General Information

Submitted by: Ambrose Ivor
Author(s): Aliki Kossyvaki
Language(s): EL | EN
Start Year: 2007
End Year: 2008
Countries: Greece


Date published on the web: 01/08/2007

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