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EU Study: Mapping and Performance Check of the Supply of Accessible Tourism Services in Europe

14/02/2013 | 0 comments

EU flagThe European Commission (Directorate General Enterprise and Industry, Unit E2 - Tourism and Cultural Instruments) has commissioned a study to assess the presence and the performance of accessible tourism services and facilities along the tourism supply chain, examining best practices and tools to foster tourism accessibility.

The study will analyse supply chains and performance in all the EU Member States and will propose recommendations and priorities for actions to increase and improve the supply of accessible tourism services.

The study, which started in February 2013, is being carried out by a partnership comprised of EWORX S.A. (Greece), Valdani Vicari Associati (VVA, Milan) and the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT, Brussels).

The study will involve interviews with key stakeholders, desk research and surveys to identify "best practices" across the supply chains.

In addition, a new European “Tourism for All online Register” service will be set up, enabling tourism suppliers to present their accessible accommodation, venues, attractions and services. ENAT members and their partners will take an active part in creating, populating and validating the European map of accessible tourism for all, giving customers direct access to the information they need to plan their accessible holidays and trips.  

Results of the study will be presented at a European stakeholder workshop in 2014 and via the Internet. At the workshop event the conclusions and recommendations from the study will be discussed with sector actors. The European Commission will present its proposals for policy actions and initiatives at European level, following on from the study. 


Budget: € 248,567.  Financed under the EU Preparatory Action on Tourism and Accessibility for All, funded by the European Parliament and managed by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry, Unit E2 - Tourism and Cultural Instruments.  

Duration: 12 months plus extension to November 2014. Results are expected in February/March 2015.

Further information

Read the research tender specifications at the European Commission website

Download the EU Accessible Tourism Supply Study Fact Sheet in PDF Format from the right-hand panel.

If you are working in the tourism sector or are engaged in accessible tourism services - or if this subject interests you as a customer or for any other reason, please get in touch with research team.

We look forward to hearing from public authorities, business owners and managers, researchers and NGOs in all European Union Member States that are interested in this study and the Tourism for All online Register.

To contact the researchers, please use the ENAT Contact page

Download the Final Report (2015) and Annexes here:


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General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): ENAT and European Commission
Language(s): EN
Start Year: 2013
End Year: 2014
Acronym: EU Skills Study
Countries: Austria | Belgium | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary | Ireland | Italy | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Malta | Netherlands | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Slovakia | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | United Kingdom


Publisher: ENAT
Date published on the web: 02/03/2013

Target Group(s)

Academics / teachers | Consumers / travellers / tourists | Employees and Trades Unions | Employers and Employers organisations | Non-governmental organisations | Older people / Seniors | Organisations of disabled people | Organisations of older people | People with disabilities | Policy makers /Decision makers / Government | Professionals and professional bodies | Public administrators / Authorities | Students | Tour guides | Tour operators | Tourist venue owners / managers | Travel agents | Travel companions, personal assistants | Volunteers


Accessibility auditing | Accessibility information, access guides | Accommodation services | Adventure | Age-related issues, (seniors) | Airlines and air transport | Ancient monuments | Archaeology | Architecture, design and planning | Assistive Technologies | Attractions | Beaches | Boats and boating | Buildings and facilities design, maintenance | Bus and coach transport, touring | Caf├ęs, restaurants, bars and pubs | Camping | Car hire | Cruises | Customer relations | Cycling and mountain biking | Demographics | Design Guidelines, Design-for-All | Disability, disabilities, technical aids | Diving, sub-aqua | Drivers, driving, motoring | Education, training | Employment, working conditions | Equestrian sports, events | Ferries and maritime transport | Festivals - music, dance | Fishing | Food and drink | Football | Gardens and parks | Gay and lesbian | Golf | Health, therapy, wellness | Heritage | Horse-riding and pony-trekking | Hospitality | Hotel management, hotel business | Hunting | Information and Communication Technologies | Insurance services | Languages | Lifestyle | Literature | Location-based services | Management of tourist venues and attractions | Marinas and ports services | Medical and nursing care, treatment | Mind, body, spirit | Motor sports | Museums and galleries | Music | Natural Phenomena | Nature holidays | Nature parks | Naturism / nudism | Opera | Ornithology, bird-watching | Performing arts | Photography, film and video | Policy, legislation | Publishing | Rail travel | Religion | Retail | Safety and security issues | Shopping | Shows and theatre | Social tourism | Special services for disabled visitors | Sports | Staff training | Standards | Suppliers of equipment | Theatre | Theme parks, leisure parks and water parks | Therapy, wellness | Tourist information services | Transport services | Travel bags, luggage, accessories | Travel agents | Travel services | Visual arts | Walking and hiking | Young childrens' and families' holidays and services | Youth tourism