Fundación Handisport


ENAT Associate Member. The Fundación Handisport project was created thanks to the initiative of a group of people who wish to provide solutions to some of the problems involved in integrating people with disabilities into our society. This not-for-profit organisation, which will allocate 100% of its income to fulfilling Fundación Handisport's goals, has been created as the way to accomplish this initial generic objective. Handisport has conducted an analysis of their present and future needs in order to achieve the integration of people with disabilities into society. This analysis shows that there are many social initiatives that provide a temporary solution to certain needs, but lack continuity over time, which is why we considered the possibility of conducting sport activities on a regular basis throughout the year for people with disabilities. Therefore, we plan to take advantage of Mallorca’s climate and the proximity of the different sport facilities located in the municipality of Calvià and vicinity to run courses all year round.