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Accessibility: Understanding, Progress and Opportunities


The UK's Disability Discrimination Act has been in force since 1995, with enforcement measures fully implemented since 2004.

This article looks at where we are now as a country offering accessible tourism, what more needs to be done and the opportunities that exist, especially in view of hosting the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012.

It also outlines the role of a new project – Open Britain – being launched in July 2009 by Tourism for All UK and disability charity RADAR.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The DDA
  • Waking up to the size of the market
    • UK
    • Overseas visitors
  • Failure to meet demand
    • Legal action and enquiries
    • Understanding requirements
    • Marketing facilities
  • Stumbling blocks
    • No central information resource
    • Undervaluing facilities
  • Action needed
    • 1. Establishing the business case
    • 2. Customer service training
    • 3. Engaging with customers – information is key
  • 2012: Seize the opportunity
    • London
    • Weymouth
    • North East
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • About the author

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The article can bought online at the website of Tourism Insights