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Report: Acting Locally for a Society for All


This is the Report of the European Day of People with Disabilities 2008. It includes summaries of the speeches and discussions at the two-day conferece held in Brussels in December 2008.

In this wide-ranging conference, Mr. Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director ENAT, gave a presentation about Accessible Tourism in the third session (Day 2).

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
 1.1 Background
 1.2 The 2008 European Day of People with Disabilities conference
2. Opening Addresses
 2.1 Mr Vladimir Špidla
 2.2 Mr Yannis Vardakastanis
 2.3 Ms Valérie Létard
3. Setting the scene: the issues at stake
 3.1 Ms Ana Pelaez Narvaez
 3.2 Mr Rudolf Niessler
4. Plenary session 1: Disability rights through mainstreaming at regional and local level: putting the UN Convention into practice
 4.1 Presentations overview
 4.2 Participant observations and discussion
 4.3 Conclusions and recommendations
  4.3.1 Conclusions
  4.3.2 Recommendations from participants
5. Plenary session 2: Involving persons with disabilities in all decisions affecting them
 5.1 Presentations overview
 5.2 Participant observations and discussion
 5.3 Conclusions and recommendations
  5.3.1 Conclusions
  5.3.2 Recommendations from the participants
6. First day conference closing
 6.1 Mr Peter Moore
7. Plenary session 3: From EU to local community and from local community to EU
 7.1 Presentations overview
 7.2 Key findings and implications of the debate
 7.3 Conclusions and recommendations
  7.3.1 Conclusions
  7.3.2 Recommendations from participants
8. Summary of major conclusions and implications emerging from the conference
 8.1 Mr John Patrick Clarke
 8.2 Mr Nikolaus van der Pas (represented by Johan ten Geuzendam)
9. Conference key recommendations made by participants
 9.1 Mainstreaming
 9.2 Inclusive policies
 9.3 Consultation
 9.4 Funding
10. Looking forward
 10.1 Key future disability issues at EU level
  10.1.1 What should the priorities be for the future European disability strategy until the year 2020?
  10.1.2 What instruments should we be using in our strategy
  10.1.3 What are your suggestions for the theme of next year’s conference?
11. Annexes - Details of demonstration area exhibitors

Download the Report in PDF format from the right-hand panel.


General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): Helen Kerrison
Language(s): EN


Publisher: European Commission
Date published on the web: 28/01/2009


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