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ENAT Study Report No. 3. Towards 2010: Disability Policy Challenges and Actions for the European Tourism Sector


The title of this report refers to 2010, the year which was set as the end-point of the European Disability Action Plan.

The plan was launched in 2003, to combat discrimination and improve the participation of disabled citizens in European society.

The study report examines European tourism policy developments over the past two decades and argues that new policies are needed to make tourism accessible for all on a much wider scale. This is due to three critical factors:

  1. the global tourism markets are growing more competitive and Europe's market share is now growing more slowly than others;
  2. demographic ageing is leading to an increased proportion of older and more frail and disabled citizens who want to travel; and
  3. disability rights are being strengthened throughout the world and this will bring increased demand for accessible tourism offerings, making changes in tourism products and services necessary.

The report presents new policy objectives and targets, and a 'Road Map' for how accessible tourism policies might be implemented across Europe in the years ahead.