Towards Accessible Transport : Accessibility strategy of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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The goal of the accessibility strategy is to provide a transport system that safely meets the daily mobility needs of children, elderly and people with reduced function alike in Finland all over the country.

The strategy report includes several measures to increase the accessibility of the transport system.
The present situation, problems and measures have been handled separately with regard to the pedestrian environment, driving and the quality, information and terminals of public transport and the different modes of public transport.
The party responsible for each measure has been determined and possible co-operation partners have been assigned.
In order to carry out solutions that increase accessibility it is proposed that accessibility always be observed in the normal management, maintenance and investments of transport infrastructure and that the financing of the present transport infrastructure is directed at measures promoting accessibility.
To support the work promoting accessibility, a Research and Development Programme for Accessibility shall be launched under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, through which operations on the local level are supported by financing and planning as well as by pilot projects. The Accessible Municipality network shall as well be included as part of the programme.

Number of pages : 83
ISBN : 951-723-475-9
ISSN : 1457-747X.