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Mobility for All : Accessible transportation around the world.


The first section of this publication discusses advocacy for access to transport around the world while the second section introduces some aspects of access to streets and pathways, shelters and waiting areas, and bus stops. The third section deals with access to transit vehicles. The guide continues with brief discussions of access to public buildings and houses of worship and ideas about the role of laws and regulations. The guide concludes with a section on resources about accessible transportation. Readers are referred to this section for sources of further information about the many topics introduced in this guide.

Number of pages : 25.

English and Spanish versions may be downloaded at Type in “Mobility for All” (English version) or “Movilidad para Todos” (Spanish version) in the search box.
Contact AEI for information on how to obtain Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, or Vietnamese versions.

General Information

Submitted by: Evi Kostakou
Author(s): EMCT
Language(s): EN


Publisher: Access Exchange International (AEI)
Date published on the web: 01/12/2001


Bus and coach transport, touring | Customer relations | Disability, disabilities, technical aids | Education, training | Rail travel | Safety and security issues | Special services for disabled visitors | Staff training | Transport services