Holidays in Britain and Ireland 2007.

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RADAR's guide to holidays in Britain and Ireland has been issued for over 30 years. The latest 2007 edition includes detailed information on around 1500 places to stay in all parts of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

The information provided include hotels, guest houses, self-catering cottages and flats, holiday parks, activity centres, campsites and centres where specialist service and care are provided.
The guide also gives information on advice services, voluntary and commercial organisations and transport. 
The guide aims to give information that will be useful to people with as wide a range of disabilities as possible.
Choosing a holiday accommodation will be made easier by individual listings stating, amongst other details, the size of entrance doors, ground floor bedrooms, lifts, whether there are specially designed bathroom facilities, and if waterproof or feather-free bedding is available.

Number of pages : 55
ISBN : 0-902358-10-3.

File available from Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation