COST Action 335. Passengers’ accessibility to heavy rail systems. Part 2.

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Handbook with examples of existing best practice for those responsible for planning and developing both existing and new railway stations.

COST 335, Passengers’ Accessibility of Heavy Rail Systems is a collaborative European project in which experts from seventeen countries and four international organisations took part.
The participants represented railway operating and manufacturing industries, governments and academic experts in the field and representatives of disability organisations. The primary audience for this report is the rail industries and the public authorities responsible for transport. The COST 335 Action incorporated four working groups, namely: Stations, Rolling Stock,  Information and Training, Economics and Marketing.

For the Stations Handbook, the authors identified certain general features of station design such as visibility, design of steps and ramps, and they outlined the design principles to apply to these features. Then they followed the journey of a passenger through the station, outlining the principles for each specific station feature encountered on the journey. The recommendations are not intended to be prescriptive, or to limit innovation, and the drawings provided in the handbook are examples only and are not intended to illustrate the perfect solution.

Number of pages (Part1 +2) : 260
ISBN : 92-894-6074-1.