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Accessible tourism product.


Table of content:

  • Accessibility of the tourist supply chain;
  • The various types of disability;
  • Difficulties related to the surrounding environment – the ICF Classification system;
  • Accessibility of the Tourist System – the norms;
  • Technical-Functional requirements – the four critical parameters of accessibility;
  • Accessibility and the transportation system;
  • Information retrieval to put together an accessible tourist package;
  • The information system;
  • The international symbol of accessibility;
  • Annex I : Normative provisions, Legislation of the tourism sector, Dimensional references from Ministerial Decree of 14-06-89, n° 236;
  • Annex II : Sources.

Number of pages : 72.

General Information

Submitted by: Evi Kostakou
Author(s): Stefania Centi; Maria Chiara Mossone; Jacopo Borghetti; Eleonora Tramonti
Language(s): EN


Publisher: Euforme
Date published on the web: 01/12/2006