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Accessibility Guidelines for Small Aircraft. Services for persons with disabilities on aircraft with 29 and fewer passenger seats.


The Guidelines let the industry and the public know what the Agency expects of operators of small aircraft when they are serving persons with disabilities. Included in these Guidelines is information on what to discuss with persons with disabilities at the time of reservation, the carriage of various aids and service animals, what to do if a person’s mobility aid is damaged or lost, and tips on how to improve communication with persons with disabilities. Also included is information on where to get training material free of charge, and a list of organizations of, and for, persons with disabilities to help implement the Guidelines.

Number of pages : 14
ISBN : 0-662-68525-3.

General Information

Submitted by: Evi Kostakou
Author(s): Canadian Transportation Agency
Language(s): EN


Publisher: Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada
Date published on the web: 01/12/2005


Airlines and air transport