Accessibility Control Methodology of Public Services and Infrastructure, Greece (2009)

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Manual to apply a common methodology for assessing, monitoring and reporting the accessibility of public infrastructures and services regarding building infrastructure, outdoor spaces and transportation. It also includes appendices on: terminology, the applicable legislation and graphic illustrations of accessible infrastructure models.

logo of Hellenic Parliament The Methodology Manual was elaborated by an Inter-ministerial Committee and issued by the General Secretariat of Public Administration and Electronic Government, of the Hellenic Ministry of the Interior in 2009 as a tool to to ensure the right of accessibility of Persons with Disabilities in public buildings, infrastructure and services.

As the document was developed and published in March 2009, it must be continuously updated in relation to the relevant legislation in force.

The methodology is followed, inter alia, for the control of adaptations to ensure accessibility of existing buildings that are required to be made accessible, based on the provisions of article 26 of Law 4067/2012 "New Building Regulation" (A' 79).

At the same time, it is intended to use the methodology as a tool for raising awareness and informing the controlled services about accessibility requirements. Also, it serves as a source of comparable data, which, after being properly processed, can be a factor in promoting further measures and actions in the field of infrastructure and service accessibility.

A PDF copy of the Manual may be downloaded from the downloads area on this page. It s only available in Greek language.

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