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Report of the ENAT International Workshop, Athens, October 2006


Lift to Acropolis Museum Workshop participants visiting the Acropolis





The report includes summary presentations and speeches by plenary speakers, workshop conclusions and photos from the optional excursion to accessible attractions in Athens.


 Table of Contents
1 Introduction ....4
   1.1 The European Network for Accessible Tourism ...4
   1.2 Scope and Purpose of the ENAT International Workshop ...4
2 International Workshop Programme ...6
3 Keynote Speakers’ Speeches and Presentations ...8
   3.1 Eleftheria Bernidaki-Aldous, Member of the Hellenic Parliament....8
   3.2 Alexandros Kokkalis, Director of the Office of the Hellenic Minister of Tourism...10
   3.3 Ivor Ambrose, ENAT Coordinator....11
   3.4 Alex Galinos, Managing Director, Athens Tourism and Economic Development Agency, Greece...16
   3.5 Athanasios Rizos, Head of Lines and Works Division, ATHENS-PIRAEUS ELECTRIC RAILWAYS S.A., Greece...20
   3.6 Ms. Maria José Sanchez, Head of Culture and Leisure Department, and Ms. Gracia Santiago, Fundación ONCE, Madrid, Spain...21
   3.7 Ferdinando Orlando, ATLHA Onlus, Italy... 22
   3.8 Theodoros Patsoules, Research Consultant, Nestor Business Consulting Network, Athens, Greece ... 23
   3.9 Odyseas-Konstantinos Savvopoulos, Odyseas the Cylist, Crete... 24
   3.10 Antonis Mangos, Sailing Charters for All, Greece ... 25
   3.11 Ercan Tutal, Alternative Life Association, Turkey... 25
4 Reports from the Parallel Working Groups ...26
   4.1 Group 1: The Good Practice of Communication - the ENAT Network ...26
   4.2 Group 2: Developing and Sharing ENAT Content...28
   4.3 Group 3: Future Development of ENAT...30
5 Concluding Remarks by Ivor Ambrose, ENAT Coordinator ... 31
6 Annex 1. List of Delegates ...32
7 Annex 2. Pre-Workshop Excursion ...34
   7.1 Excursion Programme...34
   7.2 Pre-Workshop Excursion Photo Album...35