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EU Study: Mapping the Supply and Performance of Accessible Tourism Services in Europe. Fifteen Case Studies


Image of ramp and suitcase with wheels at Barcelona passenger port by John SagePhoto: Ramp at Barcelona passenger cruise port by John Sage

15 Case Studies of Accessible Tourism Destinations were commissioned in 2013 by the European Commission as part of the research tender awarded to EWORX S.A., ENAT and VVA, examining the supply side of accessible tourism in Europe.

The selected Case Studies can be regarded as examples of good practice, although certain weaknesses are also identified in some cases. All the cases are from Member States of the European Union.

Each Case Study has a table, in Annex, indicating the "justification for good practice" with ratings on a number of parameters including Innovation, Relevance, Transferability, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Impact and Sustainability.

The Case Studies can be downloaded in PDF format from the right-hand panel. Each one is about 20 - 30 pages long.

List of Case Studies

  1. London, United Kingdom
  2. Frankfurt, Germany
  3. Arona, Spain
  4. Stockholm, Sweden
  5. Lousã Accessible Destination, Portugal
  6. Paris - Ile de France, France
  7. Disneyland Paris, France
  8. Slovenia NTA, ŠENT NGO and Premiki, Slovenia
  9. Moravia-Silesia and Tešín, Czech Republic
  10. Athens Historical Centre, Greece
  11. Trentino, Italy
  12. Schloss Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria
  13. Hérault, le Languedoc, France
  14. Barcelona Cruise Destination, Spain
  15. Rovaniemi, Finland

Study Team

Ivor Ambrose,  Pierre Hausemer, Kei Ito,  Alicia Barragán, Anna Grazia Laura, Filippa Lofstrom, Veroniek Maat, Katerina Papamichail, Ana Maria Garcia Marques Rodrigues, Eoin O’Herlihy,  Eleni Strati, Chris Veitch.


With thanks to all the respondents in the Case Study destinations for giving freely of their time and sharing their experience with the study team.

EU Commission disclaimer:

"These documents have been prepared for the European Commission; however they reflect the views only of the authors, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.”

Further information

General Information

Submitted by: Ivor Ambrose
Author(s): ENAT and VVA Study Teams
Language(s): EN


Publisher: ENAT & European Commission
Date published on the web: 19/04/2015


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