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Guidelines and Resources for Organising Accessible Events


Conference image People with disabilities and older people are considered as an important and growing number of clients for all kind of events and meetings (about 20 % of the population today).

Accommodating and supporting their needs and providing accessible services is becoming more and more a success criterion for conferences and events in terms of:

  • meeting public procurement requirements for events organisation and management 
  • addressing the whole range of potential clients
  • economic success or other goals of events in all domains e.g. accompanying touristic products and offers
  • respecting ethical and legal requirements
  • avoiding bad and undesired mood, feedback or Public Relations
  • ...

People with disabilities and older people require a broad spectrum of accommodations and services which until today are more or less neglected in day to day practice and in particular in education and training.

Experiences made by organisations and teams in organising events which were dedicated to these target groups provide a first set of information how to best address the issue.

The list of external links, below, (updated October 2016), should allow event organisers to get into the issue and to learn how to make their events accessible for all:

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