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Scandic Hotels' Accessibility 110 Point Standard


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Everyone is welcome at Scandic!

We understand that every disability is different. The same is also true of our hotels, and we have implemented smart design in our rooms available for people who have a disability. When you choose to stay with Scandic, you should enjoy the same Scandic standards for accessibility. That's why we have implemented and are continuously improving a common accessibility programme that all our hotels use.

Download Scandic's Accessibility Standard in printable PDF format

(From the Introduction)

part of 110 point checklist"Here you can read our 110 point accessibility standard. It has been drawn up by carefully following the route taken by guests from the car park on through the whole hotel. We have also talked to disability organisations and guests with physical disabilities and received lots of ideas from our own keen staff. Although we rent our hotels rather than owning them, there is a lot that we can do.

81 of the 110 points are compulsory for all hotels.

All 110 of the points need to be applied as we renovate or build new hotels.

The standard applies in all nine of the countries in which Scandic is represented. Of course we also have to comply with the legislation in the country concerned. This means that if the legislation in the country in question is stricter on any particular point, that takes precedence. In the cases where our standard is higher than the legislation, of course our standard applies.

Our accessibility standard doesn’t include everything that we actually do on the ground. Accessibility issues are incorporated as part of our day to day work, whatever the area. This means that for example, safety issues involving accessibility are in our safety standard, signs in our signage standard, and so on. In other words accessibility issues are an important part of the whole of Scandic and everyone in our team undergoes training in them.

We describe the accessibility for each individual hotel on their respective websites. We are the only hotel chain in the world to do this."

/Magnus Berglund, disability ambassador, Scandic Hotels

Read more about Scandic's approach to delivering accessibility for all guests at the Scandic website

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