Introduction to the ISO Standard 21902. Accessible Tourism for All: Requirements & Recommendations (by UNWTO)

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Slide presentation on the ISO Accessible Tourism Standard, published 2021, by UNWTO Ethics, Culture and Social Responsibility Department.

Image of a chiurch with smooth stone paving to entrance. Photo by UNWTO.

Slide presentation by:
Marina Diotallevi, Head and Igor Stefanovic, Technical Coordinator
UNWTO Ethics, Culture and Social Responsibility Department

UNWTO Website:


  1. Title slide
  2. Accessibility: Right and Business Opportunities
  3. Global Standards and Indicators
  4. ISO 21902 - Accessible Tourism for All
  5. Scope & Applications I
  6. Scope & Applications II
  7. Concrete Actions NTAs & DMOs I
  8. Concrete Actions NTAs & DMOs II
  9. How to Access to ISO Standard?
  10. Standards & SMEs
  11. UNWTO Manuals: Accessible Indicators I
  12. UNWTO Manuals: Accessible Indicators II
  13. Recent Recommendations and Good Practices
  14. Useful Links
  15. UNWTO Contacts

Download the slides in PDF format from the Downloads section.