2010 Legacies Now: Measuring Up (Accessible Communities, British Columbia)

URL: http://www.2010legaciesnow.com/measuring_up/

Measuring Up is a programme established by the 2010 Legacies Now association which aims to foster opportunities for the active engagement, participation and contribution of persons with disabilities in their communities. Measuring Up is a process to help communities assess and improve local accessibility and inclusion for persons with disabilities and others including older persons, parents pushing baby carriages, tourists carrying luggage, and people with injuries. By increasing accessible employment opportunities and improving public spaces, recreation facilities, restaurants and shops, Measuring Up is assisting communities to become more accessible and inclusive, so everyone can benefit. Since its development in 2007, Measuring Up has grown from eight communities involved to include over 100 communities across the province. Eighty-eight of these communities received grants totalling $1.86 million from the Measuring Up Accessibility and Inclusion Fund (Measuring Up Fund), established with financial support from the Province of BC’s Ministry of Housing and Social Development.