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Add Your Voice to the Leeds Metropolitan University Accessible Tourism Survey

24/08/2010 | 0 comments

Image of question markThis survey reviews the specific needs of travellers using a wheelchair or other mobility aids or those who simply experience some form of mobility limitation.

The data collected will be used for the thesis I am preparing as part of the requirements for my MSc in Responsible Tourism at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK, where I am working under supervision of Dr Simon Woodward.

Please answer if you, or a person you often travel with, experience mobility problems when travelling.

This questionnaire is completely anonymous and the findings will be used for my academic research only.

At the end of this survey you can leave your email address if you would like to have a copy of the final report and if you are happy for me to send you some follow up questions. Thank you!


Open the Online Survey page

You can contact us for any questions or concerns:

Mr Carlos Buj

Dr Simon Woodward
Telephone +44 113 8125880

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