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Calling for Reviewers to Comment on Indian Accessible Tourism Report

05/02/2010 | 0 comments

Indian Non-Governmental Organisation, Svayam, requests experts and stakeholders to give their comments on a Draft Research Study on Problems and Prospects of Accessible Tourism in India. This is the first study of its kind commissioned by the Indian Government.  

Programme Coordinator, Subhash Chandra Vashishth writes:

Union Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India commissioned a research study on Prospects of Accessible Tourism March 2009 which has been completed and the draft research report has been opened for review and comments of the stakeholders yesterday. The research was conducted at five destinations:

  • Taj Mahal (Agra),
  • Amber Fort (Jaipur),
  • Qutub Minar, Delhi),
  • Sun Temple (Konark),
  • Mamallapuram (T.N) and Old Goa churches.

The study aims at eliciting some of the critical attributes of this segment - viz. their travel behaviour, travel requirements and purchasing power. Needless to state, a study of this nature is a concerted move to evolving better understanding of various attributes of the tourists with disabilities, thereby, contributing to the existing information base. That, in turn, can provide a broad direction and to help in framing appropriate policies and programmes in such a manner to their better facilitation as well as exploring tourism potential.

The objectives of research study are:

  1. To examine the socio- economic background of the physically challenged tourists visiting different destinations in India;
  2. To analyse their travel behaviour;
  3. To examine the problems being faced by them and status of special provisions, if any, in those attractions/ facilities ;
  4. To examine their expenditure pattern and purchasing power;
  5. To suggest suitable mechanisms to better facilitating the travel needs of this segment.

As a part of Technical Advisory Committee on Accessible Tourism, Svayam has been assigned the responsibility to collate the comments and views of the stakeholders on the research report. Since the research report runs in to 138 pages, it will only be circulated to those who wish to provide valuable comments/views on the same. Those who are keen on offering their views may kindly indicate so by replying this email so that we can send you the draft research report.

We request you to kindly study the report and offer your comments/views to make this research report a first valid and credible research document brought out by Govt. of India on Accessible Tourism. The likely stakeholders are Tourists with disabilities, senior citizens, ladies with infants, children and any potential tourist with reduced mobility, among others.

Kindly respond within the given time frame so that the same could be constructively used for finalisation of the Research Report.


subhash [dot]vashishth [at] svayam [dot] com
subhash [dot] vashishth [at] jindalsaw [dot]com


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