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UK's TourismSouthEast Podcast on Accessibility for Business

25/01/2010 | 0 comments

TourismSouthEast logTourismSouthEast reviews some of the ways in which businesses can invest to make their facilities and services accessible for all. For relatively small costs it is possible to offer accommodation that is suitable for everybody. The podcast offers tips and advice to help businesses tap into the accessible tourism market, that in the UK is worth some 40 billion pounds a year.

"Making sure that - as a business - you are accessible to every visitor that comes though your door, has never been more important.

Information, customer services and facilities are the three key areas to address, says Ross Calladine, National Accessibility Project Manager at VisitEngland. It really is one of the last untapped markets in the UK. There is a great latent demand, as disabled people - unfortunately - are just not finding the choice of accommodation which they require. So it's a great opportunity for businesses who, if they make a few, small adjustments, could open themselves up to to many more people .

Podacst image and link Listen to the accessibility podcast
(About 8 minutes)



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