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New Website on Access Tourism in New Zealand

15/11/2009 | 0 comments

Screenshot of the Access Tourism NZ WebsiteA new website on Access Tourism in New Zealand and worldwide has been born, writes ENAT Member, Sandra Rhodda.

Access Tourism is tourism for people with disabilities. Already a huge untapped economic market, the number of people with disabilities worldwide is set to grow with the ageing of the large Baby Boomer generation because disability increases with age.

While study of, and planning for, this market proceeds elsewhere, NZ lags by virtually ignoring the sector. Our major rival Australia, our major tourist sources, and international bodies such as the EC, UN, ASEAN, ESCAP etc have all been studying, planning, and strategising for the development of Access Tourism for a number of years now. NZ ignores this market to its detriment.

Go to for news, reviews, and opinion pieces on Access Tourism.

The site welcomes feedback, comments, articles, news pieces, or opinion pieces you may like to submit.

Use the contact form, or add comments on the website itself, or subscribe using the RSS feed button.


Sandra Rhodda, PhD
Access Tourism New Zealand
319 Main South Rd
Greymouth New Zealand 7805
Cell: 027-788-3084
Skype: Sandra Rhodda

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