Accessible Sailing and Water Sports Investment Opportunity at Greek Argonautical Park

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Argonautical Park, the first modern sailing centre in the Region of Magnesia, Greece offers accessible accommodation, restaurant, training and education camps for Greek and International visitors of all ages and abilities. The management is now searching for a business partner to continue the development of this unique facility.

Photo of Multihull World Championship sailing at Argonautical ParkArgonautical Park is the first modern sailing centre in the Region of Magnesia, Greece, with accommodation, restaurant, training and education camps.

Located at Afissos near Volos, it is the first Greek Activities Park with a focus on athletic, educational and recreational water and wind-based activities.

Economic support from the European Union and private funds contributed to complete the project which began in 2004.

More than 2 million € have been invested and the centre’s total worth with its 6.000 m2 of surface and buildings exceeds 4,5 million €.

Photo of Training camp at Argonautical Park

In 2007 the International Multihull Championship was successfully held at Afissos in collaboration with the International Association for Disabled Sailing.

The Park organises a full calendar of events throughout the long summer season, playing an active role in the development of education, training and leisure programmes for local, national and international athletes and visitors.    

Argonautical Park is now searching for a partner who has to be a recognized private or public organization or business from the alternative tourism industry, which has to be able to take over the 51% of the stocks.

For more information about the Park and the current investment opportunities, download the PDF documents from the right-hand panel.

Enquiries can be directed to the Manager, Michael Binagana, in Greek, English or German languages.

Telephone: (+30) 24210 20684

Email: info[at]


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